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When a Prissy Character Demonstrates Just how Incapable He is of Roughing It
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Lone Starr and barf have just rescued Princess Vespa...
Lone Starr: Checking in? What the hell is that?
Barf: Her Royal Highness's matched luggage!

Formerly Lotso Luggage.

Camping is a fun activity meant to bring characters together in their most primal states. They must bring only the bare necessities, hunt for their food, sleep on the cold ground, and tell scary stories around the fire, but it will all culminate in a stronger bond amongst these friends by the end. Sometimes, there is one friend who is a bit more... clean than the rest, so of course, sleeping outside with bugs and bears is not his ideal way of spending a Saturday night. But alas, his love for his friends outshines his fear of getting mud under his nails (or maybe he doesn't really have a say in the matter), so he agrees to come along. How is a man to cope?

More likely than not, he'll bring along lots of luggage, taking the form of a towering mountain of suitcases filled with such camping necessities as nail polish, makeup, and queen sized beds. Serves as a visual cue to show just how pampered and tootsie the character is, and how clueless about the meaning of the phrase "roughing it" he is. Bonus Points if he has someone else carry it, usually a servant or ardent admirer. Extra Bonus Points if when confronted over bringing so much extra stuff, he replies that "These are my bare necessities! I can't survive without my humidifier!" You never can look too fabulous!

Compare City Mouse. May also be a flaw of the Alpha Bitch.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Comic Books]]
  • Wealthy, spoiled Veronica Lodge of Archie Comics has been known to bring a great deal of her extensive wardrobe along with her when traveling, regardless of the destination.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) Rarity (See the Western Animation folder) does it again when she goes spend a week at a spa. She brings so much luggage that there almost isn't enough room for her in the cart.

[[folder: Film]]
  • Spaceballs: After the Winnebago crash-lands on the desert planet, Lone Starr tells Princess Vespa to take only what she needs to survive. She determines that this includes her industrial-strength hair dryer, carried in a very large suitcase (which, naturally, she forces Lone and Barf to carry).
  • The Great Race. Maggie DuBois takes along a large amount of luggage when she takes part in the title car race. When her car breaks down and the Great Leslie rescues her, she insists that he take her luggage along.
  • Mortal Kombat: Movie star Johnny Cage brings several large bags to dock for the trip to the tournament. After asking Liu Kang to carry them for him, Liu dumps them into the bay.
    • The Mortal Kombat example gets better. Upon first landing at the island, Johnny falls right into the water due to being weighed down by so much luggage, and then, as the crew are climbing a huge number of steps, he falls and drops some of it, prompting Liu to ask "Do you need help with those?"
  • In Cheaper by the Dozen, the second one, Lorraine fitting this trope is a running gag. Sarah her sister comments on a huge suitcase "This one just for the make-up?"

[[folder: Literature]]
  • Also, in the Australian YA Novel Tomorrow When The War Began, the character Fi, who starts out as something of a Dumb Blond, (although she subverts it later and she's really more of a Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold type) is ridiculed by the other characters for bringing insane amounts of luggage on a camping trip.
  • Subverted in the first (written) Horatio Hornblower novel. Hornblower starts to lecture Lady Barbara on the impracticality of bringing a huge amount of luggage onto a warship, but she irritates him by showing that she only has a couple of sea-chests, which is a perfectly reasonable amount.
  • In a maternal variant, when Magrat leaves the castle in Carpe Jugulum, she insists that Reverend Oats haul along every toy, blanket, nappy bag, basin, potty or bath item which her baby daughter might possibly need. Most are things which an infant that age won't be old enough to require for months, and they're only away for a day or two.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
  • Gilligan's Island. Thurston Howell the Third, his wife Lovey and Ginger all took along much more luggage (mostly clothing) than they should have needed for a "three hour cruise". On one of the occasions where they had a chance to escape the island, they insisted on taking all of their luggage with them.
  • One of the Yeralash shorts has a boy going on a trip with a friend of his. The friend said to only take the most necessary things. See the result here starting at 2:50.
  • Tom from Parks and Recreation brings a ridiculous amount of state-of-the-art electronics to the department camping trip. Hooking them all up to the van drains the battery, leaving them all stranded.
  • In the Red Dwarf episode Future Echoes, the Cat is instructed to get together a few essentials before going into suspended animation. He arrives with a rack of suits and, when challenged by Lister, admits there are ten more racks he intends to take.

[[folder: Newspaper Comics]]
  • Used in Calvin And Hobbes' 05/22/86 strip when Calvin is on a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop.
    Hobbes: Grab the hot dogs and come on! The troop's cooking dinner over the fire.
    Calvin: (rummaging in the tent) Oh, that's just great. Here we've been lugging this dumb microwave around for nothing.
  • Greg Evans title character Luann has a Rich Bitch friend Tiffany. In the Thursday 15 December 2011 strip, Tiffany brings so much luggage for a one-week trip that her boyfriend remarks, "We need a semi."
  • Irving Hillman, the fiancee of Cathy Andrews, is stunned by the amount of baggage Cathy intends to take on their shared vacation. Cathy observes, "Men pack. Women move."
  • In one FoxTrot strip, Roger laughs at the amount of gear Jason and Peter are bringing on the trip, saying that if they brought much more there wouldn't be room for them in the car. Obvious to the reader is the fact that that's exactly what they're trying to achieve (Fox family camping trips never end well), and in fact most of their luggage is filled with styrofoam.
    Peter: Out of curiosity, how much more?
    Jason: I'm running low on duffel bags.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
  • Rarity, the resident beauty queen of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, has her poor little sister drag her luggage to the campsite in an oversized cart in Sleepless in Ponyville. Her necessities include an entire inflatable house, completely furnished with a queen sized bed and a matching vase.
    • Though her "poor little sister" proved to be just as much of a heavy packer in Sisterhooves Social, bringing two mountains of luggage to live with Rarity for just a week. In her fully furnished house.
    • Pinkie Pie plays with this trope by using Hammer Space extensively, leaving people wondering where she keeps all that stuff.
  • In Dexters Laboratory, the titular character decides to cope with being away from his electronics for a family fishing trip by bringing along an inflatable laboratory. Though being inflatable, none of the buttons actually work.
  • An episode of Transformers Animated had Prowl taking Sari and Bumblebee camping. Bumblebee ends up packing a lot of electronic devices. An incredulous Prowl asks how he managed to store them all.
  • One of the Cyberchase For Real segments had Bianca going camping with her friend. The friend mocks her for taking three bags. Bianca says it's nothing, only for the friend to open one bag and remove a sequined party dress.
  • An episode of Horse Land had Chloe and Zoe attempt to bring a lot of useless gadgets with them on a camping trip. MP3 player, curling iron, hair dryer, smart phones etc.
  • An episode of Angela Anaconda had the Alpha Bitch Nanette assigned to hike with the same team as Angela and her friends. Nanette demands that the others help her carry what she packed, and at one point pulls out a hair dryer and asking where she can find an outlet.
  • Less "impractical" but still over-packed is this Garfield and Friends example. Jon takes Garfield and Odie out camping, and Garfield hates it every time. So one time he brings an inflatable house, labelled "Never leave home without a home". Jon makes an Aside Glance and asks, "This is roughing it?"
  • This one's a stretch, but an episode of Hey Arnold! had Big Bob Pataki take his daughter Helga and her friend Phoebe out camping with a lot of high-tech camping equipment because he was testing out the merchandise for his company. It turns out to be all junk that he later throws away angrily while Arnold and Gerald use the skills they learned from Arnold's Grandpa earlier to get back to their campsite.
  • In A Goofy Movie, Pete's idea of camping is parking his state-of-the-art RV in the middle of the woods. When parked, the RV expands into a home away from home, with a kitchen, living room with a big screen TV, a bowling alley on the roof, and a bunch of other modern devices. Pete also barely spends any time out in the actual outdoors, but still considers it camping.
  • In The Proud Family, Oscar takes his family out camping using a fairly state-of-the-art RV, and his mother Suga Mama remarks that with an RV so big, it's barely roughing it. It escalates when their rich neighbors the Boulevardezes are camping adjacent to them. Their campsite is a massive collapsible mansion.
  • Bianca from Beverly Hills Teens once brings half a dozen suitcases with "absolute necessities of life" along. Doesn't sound like much? Well, perhaps it should be mentioned she brought them for a day in a beauty salon...
  • When first seen at the train platform, Madame Tutli Putli has enough baggage for an army battalion.
  • In the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode "Island Fever", Alvin struggles to move a luggage cart over flowing with pink suitcases, footlockers, trunks, and other pieces of luggage belonging to Brittany onto the cruise ship the Sevilles and Millers are entertaining on.
    Brittany: Alvin, please be careful, I have some of my favorite things in there!
    Alvin: Like what?
    Eleanor: Like everything she didn't put in there...
    • We then see Simon, Theodore, and Dave struggle to move another, even larger luggage cart, bearing even more trunks and cases belonging to Brittany. Brittany herself even lampshades this later when the lodging accommodations are less than commodious for the kids, and she remarks, "It's a good thing I packed light!"
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012): Blythe packs a mountain of luggage for an all-summer fashion camp, although some of this is supplies she'll need for drawing and designing.

[[folder: Real Life]]
  • Dave Barry once described this type of individual as someone "whose idea of 'roughing it' means 'turning the air conditioner to medium'".

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