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Paper Ram
He can do a lot of damage, he is very fast, but can't take a hit
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Being fast is cool, but hardly sufficient in many settings to make a difference. Being able to make a lot of damage is great but not so much if you are a sitting duck while doing so. Enter the Paper Ram, who trades his health for damage and speed.
This particular build of the Offense / Defense / Speed triangle come in three flavors:

  • The Dodger, who can use their speed to dodge enemy attack or use Hit-and-Run Tactics against enemies which are slower than them and have a closer reach. They are very good for destroying a large number of enemies but need to be take care of if you want them to survive a fight. Thus, a good number of player characters in single player games end up like this, being able to destroy a large number of opponents at the expense of still being at the mercy of the weakest opponent should they make a mistake.
  • The Charger, who will use his speed and attack to crush their opponnent before they can react. If their opponent can react, they are dead, if not, they win the battle.
  • The Raider, who can't dodge enemy attacks or prevent a severe counter attack and thus will die very quickly against any group of enemies. His strategy will be to use his speed to prevent others from closeing in on him and to make powerful blow on a key target (such as the Medic or in some RTS, buildings), then retreat to avoid the counterattack.

Contrast Stone Wall who is slow, but can take tons of hits. Compare with Glass Cannon, Mighty Glacier, Fragile Speedster, Lightning Bruiser, and Jack-of-All-Stats.


  • Fate's upgrade in MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs trades some resilience for speed, while remaining a Person of Mass Destruction. While she has some ranged attacks, she seems to prefer close combat in her upgraded stance.
  • Elite Claymore tends to be this, since they can die if they receive a blow in the wrong place. The most powerful monster of the series is this trope Up to Eleven compared to the monster of the same category (who are more like a Lightning Bruiser) : she can die in one good hit, but is very fast and can OneHitKill almost anything.
  • In Hokuto Musou Kenshiro is this at first, and upgraded later to a full Lightning Bruiser.


Tabletop Games
  • High Elf heavy cavalry (Silver Helms and Dragon Princes) in Warhammer Fantasy. Lightning quick and can deliver tremendous blow - almost as efficient as the Bretonnian knights. Not as durable, though, but have better initiative in combat.
  • Eldar and Dark Eldar tend toward this in Warhammer 40K, the latter more than the former
  • In Pathfinder, the Monk class fits this. Monks get the fast movement ability, which increases their speed, and can deliver a Flurry of Blows, which allows them to make several additional attacks whenever they make a full attack action. However, as a cost, they are forbidden from wearing any armor or using shields, which means that it's fairly easy to hit them. Further, they are easily incapacitated after a few blows.
  • Speedsters in the Hero System can approach this. Obviously they are built for speed, but a high Dex score and Skill Levels in dodging can make them very difficult to hit, and the rules for adding velocity to melee damage mean that a speedster can, if he doesn't mind having a poor chance to hit, land a punch on somebody while going fast enough to circumnavigate the globe in a single combat phase.

Video Games
  • Pokémon brought us so many, where do we start?
    • Charizard from Generation I had a good speed stat of 100, and a Special attack stat just ahead, but in terms of 3-stage evolutions, its defenses are nothing to write home about.
    • Typhlosion replicates Charizard's BST.
    • Archeops from Generation V has absurdly high physical attack, great special attack [[hottip:*:Its second best stat at 112]], and speed right behind its Sp. Atk. However, its defenses are bad, and if you cripple it to half health...
    • Haxorus from Gen V. Although it's a bit slower than Charizard, its physical attack stat is a whopping 147, and its speed is also good, but its defenses aren't that great.
    • Sigilyph from the same generation as Archeops and Haxorus. It retains Haxorus's good speed, and has Special attack just ahead, but while its defenses are decent, its [HP] stat isn't something to write home about. And then Cosmic Power kicks in...
    • Gengar. It's very fast, and its best stat is Sp. Attack, but its defenses... Not so much.
    • Alakazam. It has extremely high speed, and that's its second best stat. It once had the highest special attack stat of all non-legendary Pokémon period [[hottip:*:In Generations 1-3, it was untied, and it was tied with Porygon-Z in Generation 4. Generation 5 brought us two non-legendaries with higher Sp. Attack power: Chandelure and Zen Darmanitan]].
    • Deoxys is this trope, so long as it isn't in Defense or speed forms. Normal and Attack forms both have ridiculously high speed, at 150, and while Normal form has matching attack stats, Attack form's stats are even higher. Normal can't take a hit, and Attack Form's got defenses so bad, it's tied with Pokémon such as Magikarp and Caterpie for the worst Special Defense stat out of any Pokémon.
  • Mario is the faster and deadlier one in the Mario and Luigi games. However, he's more frail in comparison to Luigi.
  • Scout from Team Fortress 2 may seem like a Fragile Speedster at first, but his scatter gun does over 100 damage point-blank.
  • Wild ARMs 1 has Jack Van Burace. He was likely supposed to be the Fragile Speedster, especially considering his "Accelerator" ability that allowed him to act first in the turn, but in practice, his Fast Draw skills could just about match Mighty Glacier Rudy's damage output. In Alter Code F, his strength was toned down considerably to emphasize Rudy's, but obtaining all his Fast Draw skills boosts his stats back up to "just about as powerful as Rudy" level.
    • Note that he has extremely limited MP, although there were workarounds in both the original and the remake.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, pre-Unleashed [[hottip:*:His speed is obvious, he's a One-Hit-Point Wonder, and his offense refers to his Robot-destroying ability]]. In other adaptation, he tends to be a Lightning Bruiser.
  • Planes are often this in videogames which is Truth in Television
    • In Ground Control 1, they go down if an Anti-Air unit can have some good shot. However, they can destroy a full army without Anti-Air very very quickly.
    • in Red Alert, planes are more specialized but can still ravage any force which doesn't have an AA unit.
  • In Dawn of War, the Tau faction minus the Kroots units and Eldar vehicle all have high speed, high damage output and very poor resilience, which means that knowing how to micromanage them is essential to win. In the sequel, the entire Eldar faction save one Mighty Glacier unit is this.
  • In Diablo, Titan Quest and almost every other hack and slash, the Player Character tends toward this at a high level : they are faster than most monsters since the beginning, they have learned to cause a lot of damage but they are often very vulnerable and die after a few hit.
    • In the first Sacred, the elf not only can go really fast, but her bow shoots hundreds of arrows per minute.
  • In theory, Akuma from Street Fighter in every playable appearance, but they always give him more cannon and speed than glass. He's always basically at least B+-tier or above.
  • In Heroes Of Might And Magic V, the blood maiden/fury can travel to 3/4 of the map, hurt a lot and then come back where she starts (and in the case of the blood fury, without being struck back). However, she has low health and defense and is the favorite target of PC-controlled creatures, which make her lifespan quite short.
  • In the Mount & Blade expansion, any light cavalry with guns qualify, being fast and deadly.

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