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Accessory Wearing Actual Animal
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(so I started a trope that was way to specific... am now expanding it to something that is less so)

This trope is for animals wearing accessories and pieces of clothing. Only, they are not cartoonish animals; they still walk on four legs, most don't talk, eat from the floor and their lack of opposing thumbs prevent them from holding things.

The reasons to give animals such accessories in media is to make them more unique; people would likely remember a puppy with a tophat instead of a simple puppy. Can also be used to mask the fact more than one dog is used for the same role: the audience would remember the accessory and overlook the fact this dog is slightly smaller or bigger depending on the scene.

Given the lack of propper clothing that animals can wear without feeling unconfortable, this usually materialises in a scarf.

Truth in Television: some owners do give dogs clothes for them to wear, mostly for small dogs in winter, and policedogs are known to wear bulletproof jackets.


  • Sissel's true form, a black cat wearing a red scarf from Ghost Trick
  • Sakamoto-san from Nichijou wears a red scarf, which allows him to speak.
  • Mephisto's dog form from Ao no Exorcist wears a pink dotted scarf.
  • The unnamed fox from Persona 4 wears a red scarf.
  • All the 8 canine warriors from Ōkami have scarves.
  • Wishbone would dress differently for each episode.
  • Peanuts: In Snoopy's first appearance he's got a flower tucked into his dog collar, but is otherwise a normal dog.
  • In the later Earth's Children books, Ayla's horses Whinney & Racer are given special blankets to wear tied around their necks in order to alert people that "these horses are special. Don't hunt them for food." It doesn't always work.
    • Also, when Ayla takes them over a glacier during her Journey she ties leather bags over their feet in order to protect them from the cold. Also the feet of Wolf, her pet wolf.
  • In the Classic Disney Short, "Pluto's Sweater," Minnie Mouse forces Pluto to wear a sweater. At the end of said cartoon, she forces Figaro to wear it.
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