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No Respect For Handhelds
The Handheld gaming market isn't treated as seriously as the Home Console market sometimes.
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(AKA: Portable Bastardization, Crippled Portableness)

No matter how powerful handheld consoles have become, sometimes they're still denied the respect they deserve. This happens regardless of the presence of high-profile games on any given handheld.

This includes either removing features from a game's portable debut for the sake of making it inferior to its native home console series, thus subtly implying a "for a more complete experience, play it at home" message, or not creating a handheld entry in said series at all. Direct ports who have Gone Horribly Wrong have their own trope for that: see Porting Disaster. This is not about ports.

However, this trend, is far less present now than it used to be.

Since PC games work on PCs and notebooks alike, the currently rising presence of the latter is a huge point in favor of the former in the huge Pc Vs Console argument. For the tendency to limit handhelds to either gaiden games or spinoffs, that may be treated as a subtrope on its own right ("Portable Gaiden Spinoff" anyone?).

Remember, this is not about complaining about portable games you don't like. So, as with just about ninety percent of this wiki, deliberate negativity is not allowed.
The following is just a list of handheld games lacking relevant features compared to their home console native series.

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