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Black Wearing Woman

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Where the Woman in White marks a mysterious but important character, where the Lady in Red indicates the sexy, morally ambiguous one, the Black Wearing Woman is almost always the disturbing, menacing one.

While black in itself is a pretty common colour to find in Real Life's clothing, particularly among Goths and similar cultural movements, there is still something intriguing to a woman clad in black garb.

Not only does it outlines her body even more than red, there are also [[Color-Coded for Your Convenience all the ideas associated with the colour itself]], such as death, night, great danger or sexual negation.

Strangely, the more skin the outfit covers, especially if it's a dress or a jumpsuit, the more ominous the woman will become, Stripperific clothes seem to somewhat negate the effect of black. Thus, it's a rare woman who can actually wear an all black outfit and not be at least an Anti Heroine.

As could be assumed, this trope is mostly associated to The Vamp, Femme Fatale, Magnificent Bitch, Vain Sorceress, Manipulative Bitch or, in some extreme cases, a female Complete Monster.

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