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White Mutiny
Passive-aggressive resistance--military style
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What happens to The Neidermeyer when his subordinates have had enough.

The phrase was coined by Sailors to describe a tactic used to express their displeasure with the Powers that Be--short of disobeying orders, or offing the bastard. There are many different ways of executing a white mutiny, and varying degrees of severity.

It may be as harmless as a unified Take That. The white mutineers may obey commands from Sergeant Rock or the Plucky Middie with ostentatious cheer and enthusiasm, while grudgingly executing orders from the General Failure with the minimum of effort.

They may affect stupidity during execution or take an overly literal interpretation of their instructions. When confronted, the rebellious subordinate may smirk and say "I was Just Following Orders ... Sir."

If they've really had enough, they may request Permission to Speak Freely.


  • In The Number of the Beast, Deety, Zeb and Hilda interpret Jake's orders literally and as stupidly as possible, and refuse to show any initiative.
  • In Nate Fick's account One Bullet Away, the Marines express their loyalties subtly during PT. When their unpopular captain counts cadence, they mumble along half-heartedly. When Gunny Wynn takes over, they shout the numbers back at him like they're in boot camp.
  • Master and Commander: One sailor gets the lash for failing to salute the incompetent and timid [FORGOTNAME]. The result is an ominous scene where every sailor falls dead silent as [NAME] enters the lower deck, and each man salutes while staring expressionlessly at him. Needless to say he's completely freaked.

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