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Animal Facial Hair
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This is when an animal, often an anthropomorphic animal, has facial hair, whether in the form of a mustache or beard. Sometimes, the facial hair is in the form of whiskers slicked into a moustache.

Fictional examples can apply to pretty much any animal as long as it's not a natural feature of their species or in the case of dogs a default characteristic of the breed.

Compare Furry Baldness, Furry Female Mane, and Nonmammalian Hair.




  • Older mice in the animated adaptations of Redwall would have beards made of whiskers. Younger mice would look more "clean-shaven", and a few officer hares had mustaches.
  • In the Chanur Novels Hani have beards and moustaches, along with manes. Both genders.

  • Wicked has Professor Dillamond, a goat-man professor with a goatee.

Video Games
  • The dragon Ramses in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure has a white beard and bushy eyebrows because he is very old.
  • In World of Warcraft the little boy Pandaren will sometimes say when clicked on that he's growing a beard. Pandaren are, of course, anthropomorphic pandas and some do indeed have beards, putting them into this trope.
  • Star Fox: Peppy starts sporting a mustache in later games.
  • One of the bad green pigs in the Angry Birds franchise has an orange moustache.

Web Comics
  • Many of the male characters in Lackadaisy Cats have patterns in their fur that look like facial hair (Victor's snout/face is brighter and looks like a goatee + mustache, for instance.)

Western Animation
  • Monterey Jack from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers had a very thick moustache as well as whiskers. It would twirl itself when he smells cheese.
  • Uncle Chuck from Sonic Sat AM sports a large, bushy mustache.
  • In "The Old Gray Hare" after a Flash Forward to the year 2000 a 70-or-so-year-old Bugs Bunny is shown with white chin whiskers.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, beards and mustaches are relatively common on the characters.
  • In Dog City, Mayor Kickbark and Rusty MacCracken in the animated sections have moustaches, as does McCracken's puppet inspiration Mr MacTaggart.
  • In MAD, there is a skit that parodies Duck Dynasty called "McDuck Dynasty", featuring Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Donald and Scrooge have beards made of feathers.

Real Life
  • The bearded vulture or lammergeier has facial feathers that look like a beard.
  • The mustache of the walrus makes it quite easy to anthropomorphize this animal.
  • Goats are so well-known for their beards they even named a kind of beard after them.
  • The schnauzer (a breed of terrier) is named after a German term for mustache, because it looks like it's wearing one. For that matter, many other terrier breeds have a similar appearance.
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