They Molested Me
Kids try to get their way by claiming child abuse
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If a kid is a particularly Spoiled Brat, he or she will sometimes try to avoid punishment or get their way by accusing their parents of abuse, physical or sexual.


  • South Park is the Trope Namer, as this happens quite often in the show. In "The Wacky Molestation Adventure, the kids get rid of their parents by accusing them of "molestering" them, leading to a Lord of the Flies situation.
    • In "The Human Centi Pad", Cartman loudly accuses his mom of "fucking" him when she refuses to buy him an iPad.
  • Stand-up comedian Russell Peters is famous for his material involving corporal punishment. As a kid, his dad would beat him and preclude each beating with "Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad". One time, he threatened to call child services on his dad, which backfired when his dad called his bluff.
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