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Wing Fic
Non-winged characters suddenly have wings.
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Wings are cool. People with wings tend to be even cooler, athough they themselves might not exactly agree.

So, by logic, taking characters without wings and giving them wings should be extra cool!

That's where Wing-fics come in.

"Wing-fic" is a term for fan-fiction in which most, one or two, or, in some cases, all of the characters suddenly have wings; even if they normally wouldn't have them in their universe.

That said, wing-fics tend to be all over the map as far as genre goes, and thus, each seperate one has an overall different feel and, often-times, completely different ways of dealing with the subject. So, it is common for them to get a little cracky at times, and, in some cases, a bit wangsty, mainly due to the But, Your Wings Are Beautiful types of fic (which often share an uncanny likeness to most Hurt/Comfort fics). Sometimes, the fic involves a Wing Pull, especially in more action-orientated Wing-fics.

It is also common for wing-fics to have a healthy dose of symbolism, as Winged Humanoids tend to be commonly associated with angels or souls of sorts. The symbolism tends to get even heavier if the wings have specific characteristics pertaining to the nature of the character who has them. Of course, while symbolism is not completely out of place in wing-fics, there's always a chance that said symbolism isn't exactly meant to well, symbolize, anything

It should also be noted that wing-fics are often very similar to creature-fics, which involve a character becoming a creature of sorts

See also: Fan Fic, Rule of Symbolism,Wing Pull, Feather Motif, and Winged Humanoid

Notable Examples

  • this is a list of wing-fics for the Harry Potter franchise (Warning: some NSFW)
    • Another notable wing-fic of Harry Potter is a Harry/Draco Slash Fic by the name of Angels and Devils which, can be found here (warning: a bit NSFW).
  • There is currently a Buffy fic floating around, in which Dawn messes around with some magic and ends up a fairy.
  • There are many of the kind but,''City on the Head of a Pin'' is a rather unique Sherlock wing-fic, which one can find more information on in the "General" section of the Fan-fic reccomendations for the series.
  • This is a common type of fan-fiction among the Supernatural fandom, mostly due to the inclusion of Angels (even though their wings are invisable in series).
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