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Had The Fish For Dinner

Important people are incapacitated by food poisoning.

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Eating. It's how we replenish nutrients and sustain ourselves. Not eating for a long period of time can lead to the body consuming it's own stores of muscle and fat. Starvation, not fun.

So, it's not uncommon for a group of important people; a bridge crew of a cruiseliner, or the flight crew of a passenger aircraft or spacecraft, or even the engineering team of some heavy machinery, to have a hearty meal before they go on their mission.

And then they find that their food was contaminated and they all fall to severe food poisoning, leaving the gear with no one to operate it. That cruiseliner goes off course, the airplane has no pilot, the machinery keeps operating with no controller.

A fairly common precursor to a dramatic plot. The professionals have been rendered useless by their dietary intake and it's up to someone else save the day.


  • Zero Hour!: The entire flight crew had the fish for dinner. and only one other person on the plane with any flight experience didn't. Guess he'll have to land the thing.
  • Airplane!!: A parody of the previous example.
  • Thunderbirds: Episode Path of Destruction. Just what exactly was in Sanchez's special?
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