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Learns by doing
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Some people in fiction take to new things very quickly. Others aren't so lucky, and often need to be taught. This can happen in many ways, but most of them don't make for interesting storytelling. Enter the Kinesthetic Learner. These are people who learn best by doing and engaging in hands-on activities. In short, they are primarily Taught by Experience. This allows characters to be given new abilities or attributes and gives a method for showing how they were acquired, which is usually arduous trial and error.

  • The titular character of Naruto, being the type who has difficulty understanding concepts, has been noted as this by two out of his three teachers, and is himself aware of how he learns best. When training with Killer B to learn the Tailed-Beast Rasengan, he notes that the whole 8:2 ratio of black to white chakra deal is confusing, and tells B to just tell him when he's got it right and he'll remember what it feels like.

Live-Action TV
  • In Happy Days when Fonzie becomes an engine repair teacher at Jefferson High he gets frustrated because his students can't learn how to fix a carbourator from him showing them once, quickly, like he learned. He talks about his uncle teaching him to tie a tie by putting it around both their necks and holding Fonzie's hands in his while tying it, and then Fonzie does the same thing with the students changing the carbourator.
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