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Class Reunion Crasher
Someone attends a Class Reunion that isn't theirs and poses as an old classmate of the attendees
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Basically, someone attends a Class Reunion that isn't theirs by posing as someone who belongs there. Reasons for doing this vary, but among the most popular are solving an investigation and picking up chicks. Usually the crasher is mistaken for someone who is actually supposed to be there, possibly because of a convenient uncanny resemblance, and then they just go with it the rest of the party. Almost invariably someone catches on when the crasher gets something wrong about the past and doesn't seem to remember their best friend, or the real Alice Robinson shows up. Expect to see an inordinate amount of high school melodrama dredged up, and the crasher desperately skimming the year book for clues as to how they are supposed to act.

Subtrope of Class Reunion, obviously. Compare The Infiltration which is in general much more dangerous than this, but along the same lines.


Live-Action TV
  • Happens in one episode of Leverage where Sophie goes undercover as a nerd turned hottie to help deal some Karma to a security company owner who did something to deserve it and planned on 'getting back'' at everyone during the reunion.
  • Rigsby does this in The Mentalist to help catch a killer.
  • Jim does this in The Glades to investigate a spree killer during a hurricane.
  • In Taxi, Louie De palma got struggling actor Bobby Wheeler to pose as him at his class reunion.
  • In 30 Rock Liz went to her high school reunion with Jack, and Jack was misidentified as a former student.
  • Bones did this as well in one episode.
  • Happens on an episode of Psych. I think Shaun and Gus were the classmates and Carlton and Jules were the crashers.
  • One episode of The Pretender has Broots attending a class reunion, and deliberately impersonating one of the former students (who is actually out of the country) to find out more about another student who grew up to become one of the series' recurring villains.
  • The pilot episode of The Riches involves Eddie Izzard's character crashing a high school reunion as a ploy to rob them all. The family urges him to leave early and quickly, but of course Izzard is wrangled into giving a speech to the entire class.
  • An episode of CSI had an insurance salesman who appeared to be doing this. However it turned out that he was actually a dropout (thanks to a "prank" done by the Victim of the Week in his days as a Jerk Jock) and killed the victim when he realised he ruined his life but didn't even remember who he was after being confronted and called out.
  • An episode of Stargate SG-1 did this. Mitchell returned home for his High school reunion (with Vala) but some bounty hunters from the Lucian Alliance infiltrated it to catch them. There were actually two of them, but one took the other out.
  • The Golden Girls: In one of the last episodes, Rose misses her high school reunion and Blanche convinces all of them to attend a random class reunion in the city. Rose finds nametags on the "no show" table that the girls use to impersonate classmates that didn't come and Hilarity Ensues.

Western Animation
  • On The Looney Tunes Show: Bugs shows up at Daffy's high school reunion, ostensibly to help the latter keep track of the lies he tells his classmates. Bugs, however, makes no bones about indicating that it's not his reunion and that he's just there to see what it's like, oh and to help out his friend.

Real Life
  • In real life, Andrea Wachner sent a stripper to impersonate her at her high school reunion, then released a video of the prank on Youtube.

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