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Kung Fu-Dini
Martial Arts meets Teleportation or Super Speed
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The enemy has the ability to disappear and reappear whether by teleporting or maybe they just seem to disappear thanks to their super speeding and Flash Steps. Whatever the power, the character uses it to their advantage in battle and combined with their fighting talent, they're capable of attacking a foe, or several foes, from several directions. A relative to Shadow Boxing.
  • Several characters from X-Men are capable of this:
    • Nightcrawler can do this thanks to his ability to teleport often fights several enemies at once by disappearing and appearing while punching and kicking.
    • Attempted by Azazel, Nightcrawler's father, in X-Men: First Class until Beasts digs his claws into him and forces him to teleport while still attached.
    • John Wraith from X-Men Origins: Wolverine is another mutant teleporter from the X-Men comics and films with this power. Later Weapon XI is given his powers and simultaneously fights both Logan and Victor from two different directions.
    • Callisto from X-Men: The Last Stand thanks to her Super Speed fights Storm from several directions.
  • The teleporters from Jumper are naturally capable of doing this.
  • On an episode of Alphas a man in an Alpha fight club is capable of disorienting his foes by messing with their eyes. The result is that they are unable to focus on him, making them see doubles of him, making them think that he is capable of fighting from several directions.
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