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A creature with two legs, but no arms. My impression is that these creatures tend to have fairly stocky bodies and large mouths, and be slightly shorter than an average standing human, although how representative this impression is I'm afraid that I don't know.

while armless, such creatures may not be harmless (if you'll excuse the rhyme): the may still have a dangerous bite, kick or tail-whip/sting, or may have psychic or magical abilities.

The intention is to cover only creatures with no arms at all (so a tyrannosaur would not qualify, despite having very small arms).

  • Numb Bodies (if I have the name correct) from Silent Hill 3 (an example of a mouthless version, or at least small-mouthed - I'm not sure of which)
  • Two types of creature found in the old action game Shadowcaster, generally, as I recall, in the earlier levels. I seem to recall that one such type was of the "magical/psychic attack" type.
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