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Monster Assassination Sidequest
Stock sidequest to kill a single monster, often a Bonus Boss
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A common type of stock sidequest, where the hero must track down and kill a certain monster. This monster will often be stronger than the average encounters in the area, sometimes to the point of qualifying as a boss monster.

Unlike a Mass Monster Slaughter Sidequest, this type of sidequest can easily fit thematically with a story, since it can be justified as the monster threatening nearby civilians. It also can provide more challenge and less Fake Longevity than both Mass Monster Slaughter Sidequest and Twenty Bear Asses and more excitement than a simple Fetch Quest.

Supertrope to Bonus Boss. Subtrope of Sidequest. For quests to kill multiple monsters, see Mass Monster Slaughter Sidequest.


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    Eastern RP Gs 

    Massively Multiplayer Online Games 
  • Technically, every boss, minor and major, in the MMORPG La Tale, is a sidequest and all have a quest to kill them at least once. None are necessary to proceed with the game.

    Shoot 'Em Up 

    Western RPG 
  • Dragon Age: Origins offers a sidequest to kill Flemeth, a dragon.
  • Several of the miscellaneous radiant quests in Skyrim involve killing a randomly generated named monster (or a respawning monster in a given location, such as a dragon).
  • In the first Drakensang game there's a sidequest in Tallon that leads you to slaying a Linnworm.

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