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Burial is meant to be permanent, but sometimes those doing the burying go the extra mile to make sure what's in there stays put. This can be done for a number of reasons:

  1. To keep the corpse or the valuables in the tomb from being stolen

  2. To keep whatever killed the victim contained.

  3. To keep the BODY from escaping.

This can be either literally sealing a coffin in concrete or some other means of making sure that the grave will never be opened.

This is not (usually) intended as a means of killing someone, just a means of burial—but if it is, it's Buried Alive.


Comic Books
  • In several Legion of Super Heroes stories, the virtually omnipotent sorcerer Mordred's only weakness was a paralyzing phobia of being buried alive. The Legion was able to stop him (more than once) by entombing him in Inertron, the most indestructible substance known to 30th century science.

  • True Lies does this without an actual corpse when the terrorist group Crimson Jihad pours concrete over an armed nuclear warhead to ensure it can't be disarmed.

Live-Action TV
  • On True Blood, Eric and Bill bury Russell Edgington in concrete, wrapped in silver. Salome eventually digs him up.
  • In First Wave an albino woman was found buried alive in a massive concrete art exhibit ... still alive somehow.
  • Supernatural. In the second season episode "No Exit", the Winchester brothers end up sealing a ghost of a Serial Killer by surrounding it with a ring of salt and then filling its lair with a truck full of concrete.
  • A Flashback in Monster House showed that Nebbercracker's wife died after falling off the edge of a huge hole while in the midst of building their house together, then getting covered with cement after hitting the ground.

  • Andre Norton's Forerunner Foray. A man's consciousness goes back in time and animates a dead body in a tomb. He uses a "spirit door" to escape the tomb (it was designed as a part of tombs so the person could escape if they were resurrected). Near the end of the book an enemy puts his body back in the tomb, but seals the spirit door shut so he can't escape even if he comes to life again.

  • More symbolic type than physical. The tomb of Jesus Christ had the seal of Pontius Pilate placed on the stone (as well as guards placed around it), as part of an attempt to keep his corpse in the tomb.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • In Family Guy, Mayor West has a city ordinance requiring all caskets to be sealed in concrete so zombies won't get him.

Real Life
  • Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest man in medical history, was buried in a vault of solid concrete, as the family feared his body would be stolen.
  • A supposed dummy in an amusement park funhouse in 1976 was discovered to be the genuine corpse of outlaw Elmer McCurdy, shot dead in a 1911 gunfight. After examination and historical analysis (it turned out his corpse had been circulating freak shows, carnivals, and wax museums ever since his body had gone unclaimed and been set up on display by his undertaker), he was buried under two cubic yards of concrete to ensure that he would finally be able to rest in peace.
  • Some hoodlums attempted to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln in 1876 with the intention of holding it for ransom. Lincoln's body got moved around over the next couple of decades but when it was finally permanently interred in 1901 it was buried beneath ten feet of concrete.
  • Ur-example: Pharoahs went to great pains to make sure their tombs would be sealed.
  • Related are lead lined coffins for radiation victims
  • Various stories feature either the act or a mention of giving a defeated enemy a proper burial, with a huge rock placed atop the grave just to make sure.
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