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Defied Trope

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Alternatively, Screw This Trope.

A Genre Savvy character notices a trope is about to happen, and the character actively attempts to avert or subvert it, or maybe even invert it. The point is that the character is trying to avoid a straight run of the trope.

The attempt isn't always successful. Yet defiance isn't always successful.
  • The Scream films are supposedly loaded with this, yet most Horror Tropes in them are usually played straight or lampshaded. One genuine instance is when the killers are apparently dead at the end of the first film. One character says this could be when the villain gets up for one last scare. He does, but the heroine doesn't flinch, and just shoots him.
  • An episode of the Earthworm Jim cartoon almost ends with a "Here We Go Again" ending after a Reset Button of the episode's events. Jim won't stand for it, and just drops a cow on the villain before he can enact his scheme again.
  • Attempted, but failed in the smoking episode of South Park. Kyle wants to just confess what they did to avoid the usual antics, and it doesn't work.

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