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Dogfaces, or dognoses, are Petting Zoo People dogs that populate the Scrooge McDuck Universe, Mickey Mouse Comic Universe, DuckTales, Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, and An Extremely Goofy Movie and some of the Classic Disney Shorts. One even shows up in the Quack Pack episode, "All Hands On Duck." Goofy and his son, Max are supposed to be dogfaces too.

Physical Characteristics Common to Dogfaces/Dognoses:
  • They often have human-skintone colored fur or skin.
  • They usually have muzzles like dogs.
  • They do not have tails.
  • They often have human-like head hair, and sometimes have human-like facial hair and body hair.
  • They usually have black or brown noses.
    • But Goofy Jr., Max's prototype, has a pink nose.
  • They usually have ears that flop ("rose ears" like those of a greyhound or bulldog) or those that droop ("pendant ears" like those of a bloodhound)
  • They usually range in portrayal from Funny Animals to Petting Zoo People and anywhere in between.

Even though they are most prominent in the Disney universe, dogfaces/dognoses are not exclusive to Disney.

Tropes that apply to Disney Dogfaces:

Tropes that apply to Non-Disney Dogfaces:

Non-Disney Examples:

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