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You're Not My Type
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A rebuff for unwanted sexual advances that is designed to make it clear that the speaker isn't interested in what the person they are addressing has to offer. In many cases, this Stock Phrase is used to get the addressee out of the speaker's hair, or to indicate that the character on the receiving end is too good (or not good enough) to spark their desire. If the speaker is known to be the type that Really Gets Around, a common retort may be "You have a type?"

Needless to say, this is quite often Played for Laughs.

In some cases, though, "You're Not My Type" may be used to ratchet up the creepy factor when a rapist or pedophile has captured the protagonist. While the phrase spoken in this manner highlights the particular perversions of the villain in question, it can also serve as a means to relieve the audience that, while the villain may have some violent plans in mind for the hero, an on-screen sexual assault is not imminent.

If the addressee doesn't take the hint, this may lead to an Unrequited Love Lasts Forever situation. If the character on the receiving end is the protagonist, it is not uncommon to have a Hooked Up Afterwards reveal later on.

See Stock Phrase. Compare All Love Is Unrequited, Incompatible Orientation, and Dude, She's a Lesbian.

A supertrope of Sorry, I'm Gay, in which the phrase is used as part of The Reveal that a character is gay/lesbian (whether or not said statement is actually true.) Note that if a gay or lesbian character is talking to someone of their preferred gender but they're still not interested from some other reason, the example would instead be a part of this trope.


Anime & Manga
  • In Sasameki Koto, one half of the main couple says this to the other half here. It drives the angst for most of the series.
  • Played for Laughs in a recent Chapter of One Piece. Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi says this is the reason that she won't marry Vander Decken. Considering that he's been using his devil fruit power to throw an object he can at her (from literally anywhere) for ten years, forcing her to hide away in her castle out of fear, practically everyone is surprised this is her main concern.

  • Played perfectly straight with this T-shirt, which tells on-lookers that they are not your type in 13 different languages, including sign language. (Be forewarned, for those wishing to rush out and buy it, the sign language on the shirt is... well, pretty direct.)

  • In The Alphabet Killer, when the eponymous serial rapist/murderer (who happens to only target pre-teen girls with Alliterative Names) captures the female cop who has been hunting him, he laughingly says this while driving to the place he plans where he plans to kill her and dump her body.
  • In the 2007 Nancy Drew movie, Ned is worried Nancy will fall for someone. Nancy tells Ned, "He's not my type." Ned responds with, "You have a type?"
  • From Casino Royale:
    Bond: "Don't worry, you're not my type."
    Vesper: "Smart?"
    Bond: "Single."
  • Played for Laughs in this exchange between the acerbic pair in Six Days Seven Nights:
    Quinn Harris: "If it makes you feel any better you're not my type."
    Robin Monroe: "Oh good, why?"
    Quinn Harris: "You talk too much. You're opinionated. You're stubborn, sarcastic, and stuck up! Your ass is too narrow and your tits are too small."
    Robin Monroe: "Hey, you wanna know why you're not my type?"
    Quinn Harris: "Nope."

  • In one Ciaphas Cain short story, Cain uses this as a Bond One-Liner when he shoots a chaos cultist who tried to seduce (and allow a demon to possess) him.

Live Action TV
  • Not The Reveal, but on The Commish one of the officers is outed as gay and the others start giving him a hard time. At one point he says, "What, are you afraid I'm gonna come on to you? News flash, you're not my type."

Video Games
  • In the JRPG Knights of Xentar, One character responds to the seductive advanced of a Cat Girl with "Sorry, not my type. Or species."

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