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Enraged By Idiocy
Their Berserk Button is other people's stupidity.
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OR Suffers Fools Poorly.

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"Some people took her for cold, thought she was aloof. Not a bit of it. She just despised idiots, no time for fools. Shame really, otherwise we'd have gotten on famously."
-- Rimmer, Red Dwarf

Have you ever head a remark so spectacularly dumb that it just made you angry? Do you have a low tolerance for Cloud Cuckoolanders or ditzs? While some might respond with sarcasm, pity, or even despair these characters just can't handle the dumbness around them. They seethe, they rant, they curse or even resort to violence.

When this trait kicks in it can be the last straw for a normally reasonable person or an intense enough irritation to be their Berserk Button - especially for the Only Sane Man or those Surrounded by Idiots. Of course, this reaction is sometimes totally justified when the act of foolishness is or has put people in danger.

The results of becoming Enraged by Idiocy can vary from a Dope Slap to a Cluster F-Bomb to acts of violence. As with any loss of temper, this usually becomes a weak point or dangerous distraction for the angry party - making it a handy tactic for anyone merely playing dumb.

Obviously a Sub-Trope of Berserk Button. Mostly characters who are the Only Sane Man or Surrounded by Idiots tend to have this.


Comic Books
  • Deadpool- consciously or not- uses this to great effect on his opponents, distracting them with babble until they loose focus.

  • In the Pink Panther film series, Clouseau's constant bungling actually drives his superior, Chief Inspector Dreyfus, to try and outright murder him.

  • In Lord of the Rings, Peregrine ("Pippin") Took accidentally makes a potentially enemy-alerting noise in the Mines of Moria. The usually calm and compassionate Gandalf's response:
    "Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity."
  • Animorphs : Visser Three. He has little tolerance for incompetence, and more often than not, it ended with whoever was being stupid getting offed.

Live Action TV
  • In the early days of Breaking Bad, Walter was prone to extensive rating at Jesse's screw-ups.
  • Dr. Cox of Scrubs, habitually.
  • Almost anyone who encounters Frank Spencer of Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em is reduced this, followed by blubbering.
  • One of the few things to make Malcolm Tucker of The Thick of It lose his cool. Witness.
  • Bert from Sesame Street.
  • By his own admission, Kevin from the US version of The Office has very little patience for stupidity.
  • This is one of David Mitchell's many buttons, as seen frequently on panel shows, mostly Would I Lie to You?.
  • Luke Rattigan, from season 4 of Nu Who. He's an Insufferable Genius who, among many things, hate it when people refer to his creation as the ATMOS System. "It's a tautology! It stands for Atmospheric Omission System so you're just saying Atmospheric Omission System System!" Note: that's not a tautology.
  • In The Outer Limits episode "The Sixth Finger"
    Gwylim Griffiths: Your ignorance makes me ill and angry.
  • In an SCTV skit of Kent Brockman News, the anchor shouted that he was annoyed because "I'm surrounded by incompetence!".

Stand-Up Comedy
  • Lewis Black seems to constantly suffer from this trope.

Video Games
  • Wess from MOTHER 3. When his son Duster brought back the wrong artifact from Osohe Castle, Wess FLIPS OUT AND SMASHES IT ON THE GROUND, then comes with Duster to Osohe Castle to guide him so he gets the correct artifact this time. For the rest of the game, he refers to Duster as "Moron."


Web Original
  • Vegeta, Piccolo and Freeza of Dragonball Abridged, usually thanks to Goku or Nappa.
    Vegeta: Oh, nothing. Just an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.
    Nappa: Wow. Didn't realise you were that stupid, Vegeta.
  • Common among That Guy with the Glasses reviewers, especially The Critic and Spoony

Western Animation

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