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Body Image Panic
Characters discover that the media makes us all feel fat.
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An episode where one or more characters panic about their body image. This can take many forms, from being slightly depressed to having an all out eating disorder. This usually results in them learning something about the way the media influences our perception of beauty.

Note that this kind of episode will almost always be about a girl coming to grip with her body image while ignoring that boys have the same issues.

A subtrope of Very Special Episode.




Anime and Manga
  • In an episode of Mama Is a Fourth-Grader, several of the girls in the class (including the protagonist) get convinced they're "too fat" and go on crash diets with predictably disastrous results. The School Nurse gives them a lecture, and the protagonist is convinced by the argument that undernourished women won't have healthy babies.

Live Action TV
  • Naturally spoofed in Strangers With Candy, in an episode where Jerri becomes anorexic. It probably didn't help that her debate team coach specifically told her to lose weight (while cooking food) and all of the characters were treating her like she was fat, including the current #1 radio hit.


Western Animation
  • In a Very Special Episode of American Dad Stan develops anorexia.
  • Subverted and played for laughs in an episode of Flight of the Concordes. Everyone thinks that Brett is bulimic, while he frequently assures them he isn't.


Live-Action TV
  • Student Bodies had an episode where one of the female protagonists described feeling insecure because of the media. One of the male protagonists says he feels the same way and the females make him feel better.

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