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Burrito Of Immaturity
A character's lack of sophistication is represented by a liking of Spanish cuisine.
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Ah, the burrito. So simple, so popular. It's often considered an Inherently Funny Word, and as such is often used to showcase a lack of sophistication. Perhaps it is due to its seeming ease to make, or its association with cases of late night munchies.

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  • There's a cell-phone service commercial in which a morgue worker's breakfast burrito falls into the cadaver he's working on, and he blithely picks it up and continues eating it. "What, you think this is wrong? What's wrong is paying too much for cell phone service."

  • In Battleship, Alex's difficulties in delivering a burrito by burgling a store while drunk to impress Samantha showcases his clumsiness and determination.

  • Bowling for Soup's album The Great Burrito Extortion Case. While the music itself is not immature, the title sounds inherently silly. The album's original name, fittingly enough, is All My Rowdy Friends Are Still Intoxicated.

Web Animation
  • Whenever Sonic abandons his job to defeat the forces of Andross and establish a working democracy in Sonic For Hire, he decides to instead go to Tostidos Tacos Locos to eat until he throws up.
  • Dick Figures. The main characters launch a rage filled space battle over the fact that Red ate the last frozen burrito in the fridge.

Web Original
  • It is yet undiscovered just how The Nostalgia Critic can eat sugar-frosted burrito-stuffed, lard-filled, liposuction-butter hotpockets all the time and still stay as skinny as he does.

Western Animation
  • Kim Possible. Ron Stoppable's favorite restaurant is the Bueno Nacho. He's obsessed enough that he invented a combination of tacos and nachos, called the Naco.
  • In Regular Show, one of Rigby's life goals in high schools was to skydive while eating a burrito.
  • Adventure Time. Behold, Jake's love of the greatest food he ever made, the Everything Burrito. It had a ridiculous number of ingredients, like waffles, eggs, bacon, tea, frying pans, and entire glass of milk, and tacos. When he thought it was poisoned, he buried it like an actual person.
  • Teen Titans Go!. The intelligent but jive Cyborg likes hamburgers. The more childish Beast Boy likes burritos. They fight over this, taking it to ridiculous levels in their argument, such as replacing car engines with burritos, making giant hamburger robots, burrito hill races, hamburger aerodynamic tests.

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