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Slight Case of Death
News of someone's death is delivered in a callous and often lighthearted euphemism.
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"Boys, it seems our friend T-Bird won't be joining us tonight, on account of a slight case of death." - Top Dollar, The Crow

When the villain needs to reveal that a character has died, but really doesn't want the death to overshadow how bad he is, he tosses out the news like a magazine he didn't particularly enjoy. Callous, often sarcastic, playful, and even lighthearted, this delivery also increases the emotional impact on those who have hearts.

Subtrope of Understatement, owing its significance to the subject matter and the intense cognitive dissonance.

  • The Crow - Trope Namer, See Page Quote
  • Die Hard - "Alas; your Mr. Takagi didn't see it that way, so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life."
  • In Eulalia, lesser Big Bad Gruntan Kurdly calls it "a case of the Kurdlies" when he stabs some beast.
  • In one episode of Scrubs Kelso tries to play down his thanks to Cox for being so thorough when giving him a physical this way:
    Kelso:"I spoke to my cardiologist and he said if you hadn't caught my high blood pressure and if it continued unchecked it might have resulted in a mild case of... death."

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