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Equal Opportunity Fanservice
A work features copious amounts of male and female Fanservice
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Fanservice can be a tricky trope to put in your work. Obviously Sex Sells and it will draw viewers but it seems too much of it geared towards one demographic can alienate viewers of another. The solution? Equal Opportunity Fanservice. Do straight male viewers get annoyed by watching a movie with two Walking Shirtless Scene guys? No problem because there's a couple of bikini clad babes in there too. This is usually seen in the action adventure genre which is mainly aimed at a male audience but the Fanservice is a way to draw female viewers in. This is a way of making everybody win in the Fanservice department though of course the presence of this trope in the work makes it run the risk of being labelled as a strictly Fanservice deal. Unless of course that was the intention. Note that for this trope to apply the work must feature equal amounts of Fanservice for both sides. For example, Bob getting one Shirtless Scene while Alice spends half the film in a bikini doesn't qualify.


Anime & Manga
  • Gurren Lagann has shirtless Kamina to complement bikini-top wearing Yoko.

Comic Books
  • The works of Richard Corben (Den in particular) tend to have most every female character having triple-D breasts and walking around naked for no reason. However, most every male character has a ten-inch cock and also walks around naked for no reason.
  • In Empowered, this is the only real reason for Thugboy to be shirtless or in a Speedo as often as he is. Empowered at least has a plot reason for her frequent nudity.

  • Into The Blue has four young leads, two male and two female. Paul Walker and Scott Caan only have their shirts on in about 20% of their scenes. As for Ashley Scott and Jessica Alba, even when they're not in bikinis their legs are always on display.
  • Jason and the Argonauts has an entire army of males running around half naked but then has an extended scene with a troupe of Stripperiffic temple dancers.
  • Friday the 13th gives all of its male leads a Shirtless Scene (including the man in his 30s) while all the females (except Annie and Mrs Voorhees) get to show their stuff in bikinis and underwear (even the Final Girl).
  • House of Wax gives Chad Michael Murray and Robert Ri'chard shirtless scenes and then offers up a lengthy Paris Hilton strip tease.

Live Action TV
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand cranked this Up to Eleven and almost made an art form out of the trope.
  • Charmed had the sisters transformed into various magical creatures that required a different skimpy outfit for the actresses and then counterbalanced it by giving Julian McMahon and many one-episode guys extended Shirtless Scenes.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer has James Marsters describing his character's season six costume as "pretty much a sock" but nobody's out to accuse Sarah Michelle Gellar of being too modest. And season 6 also happened to be when Willow and Tara finally got physical.
  • True Blood loves to take this to new levels. Jason and Sookie must have some sort of sibling rivalry going on about who can give off more Fanservice.
  • All the CSI series milk this too. We get sexy outfits and low cut tops for the women (often, the outfits aren't even suitable for the job being done...real criminalists would never wear that stuff)and most of the men have been shirtless at least once in their run. A few times, like Mac and Flack on NY, it was justified since they were injured, though. There are also quite a few sleevless shirt scenes to show off the guys' biceps-though considering Vegas is in the desert and Miami is in Florida, it may be somewhat justified there.

  • S Club 7 in the TV shows made full use of the Beach Episode to place all the attractive young pop stars in bathing suits. The music video for Natural does this as well with all of them getting a few shots of them showering under the waterfall. Though it was 4 girls to 3 guys so the odds may have tipped a little.

Video Games
  • Mass Effect 2 Garrus, Jacob, and Thane (all romanceable) fill in the male quota in different ways, while Miranda, Samara, and Kelly represent the female side.
  • The Tekken series makes sure most of its male fighters has at least one shirtless costume while the female fighters get catsuits, tight dresses, hot pants and...whatever Christy wears.
  • The Soul Calibur series is no different.

Western Animation
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