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Cuing the Solo
Calling out the soloist before they start playing

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Whether it's a form of shout-out or acknowledgement, or to make sure the soloist knows where to come in, it's common for singers to call out to a fellow musician before they take their solo. Sometimes they call by name, sometimes they call by instrument, but apparently singers just don't trust the rest of the band to pay attention.

  • Although it's a brief fill rather than an extended solo, one of the most iconic examples of this trope is the cry of "Play it, Steve!" in "Soul Man", both on the original Sam & Dave recording, and the cover by The Blues Brothers.
  • Lenny Kravitz calls out guest guitarist Slash in "Always on the Run".
  • Ringo in "Boys": "All right, George!"
  • Vince Neil simply calls "Guitar!" on "Dr. Feelgood" for the second solo.
  • Anthony Kiedis pulls off an elaborate one when covering "Fire". While Jimi originally referred to himself in the bridge section with "Move over Rover, and let Jimi take over", Kiedis replaces Hendrix's name with that of the band's guitarist.
  • Louis Armstrong in a recording of "Duke's Place" with Duke himself: "Take it, Duke!"
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