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She Never Liked Me!
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Woody: [You and Daisy] used to do everything together.
Lotso: Yeah, and then she threw us out.
Woody: No, she LOST you.
Lotso: She REPLACED us!
Woody: She replaced YOU, and if YOU couldn't have her, no one could! You LIED to Big Baby, and you've been LYING ever since! [Daisy] loved you, Lotso...
Lotso: She never loved ME!
Woody: ... as much as ANY kid ever loved a toy!

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions, and suggestions on how to better describe this concept.

Suppose Alice and Bob, who used to be friends if not more than friends, don't get along as well as they used to. Their attitudes have shifted to like each other less than they used to, or alternatively, maybe only one of them likes the other less than before, but the increase in contempt isn't mutual.

In any case, one or both of them will talk about how they got along as if the other either hated or never cared about them. Any evidence that the other person ever liked or loved them will be explained away as anything BUT friendship or love. An outsider's perspective on their past friendship or love may find this uncalled for, and may ask questions like "have you forgotten your good times together?"

Perhaps they have forgotten, or at least have a warped perception of this in hindsight. Perhaps they're just so cynical as to simply believe that such moments were meaningless. Or maybe they don't really mean it and just seek an excuse to be hateful, though often it isn't REALLY this motive so much as mistaken for it.

Compare/contrast with some varieties of Tsunderes, who are often associated with denial of having loved or even liked someone else.

Truth in Television, of course, but it might be an idea to focus on fictional examples for now.
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