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Grand Theft Edible

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Do We Have This One?? The commercials where somehow, the product is so good to eat, other people will (often obnoxiously) scam, scheme and break the law in order to get at it--with the owner/victim usually helpless to prevent it. Barney Rubble in the (for now) finished series of Pebbles Cereal commercials has to be the prime felon in all this.
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  • April 11, 2011
    Plenty of other children's cereal examples: The kids stealing Lucky Charms and the Trix Rabbit stealing Trix come to mind.
  • April 11, 2011
    Trix sometimes had cereal boxes he bought stolen from him. Those danged thief kids...
  • April 11, 2011
    Oh here ya go found it "Cereal Vice Reward"
  • April 11, 2011
    This is indeed Cereal Vice Reward. I've added a line to the description to make it clear that it covers all products, not just cereal.