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No forgiveness for the sound minded
this when a character is more easily forgiven for something because they where not of sound mind when they did it
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So you’re a writer who wants to write a story about how we should forgive people who truly make omens for their actions…. But you’re afraid that the audience won’t be willing to give your murdered protagonist the benefit of the doubt no matter what you say, what do you do?

Well, one thing you can do is establish that your protagonist was in some way not quite right in his head at the time of the murder. It doesn’t have to be enough for an insanity defence, it can even just be that he was drunk. It just has to be enough that the audience can tell themselves that he defiantly wouldn’t do it again because it’s scientific fact that his head is wired differently now.


Live Action TV
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    • in a season one episode we’re suppose to sympathise with a paedophile who’s still been persecuted by the authorities after having served his time. To make this easier for us they say he was extremely high on mushrooms when he raped the kid and didn’t even know what he was doing until after
    • in a season five episode the team arrested a former killer now university professor, who insists he’s a changed man. To make him more sympathetic they firmly establish that he was high when he killed the women years earlier

  • in the English TV Film Boy A the adult protagonist Jack Burridge is demonized for a murder he committed when he was a child which was both provoked and atleast partly the result of peer pressure

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