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Finding Another Love
Someone tries to comfort a person who's lost someone special by saying that there will be others.
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A person is heartbroken cause for whatever reason, they lost someone they loved. Usually, a friend will try to comfort that person by saying they'll find someone else. In some cases, they're right and the heartbroken will find someone better. Other times, they will feel there is no replacing the one they lost.

Compare Replacement Goldfish and Second Love if they're successful in finding someone else.


Film - Animated
  • In Thumbelina, when Thumbelina thinks Cornelius is dead, Miss Field Mouse tries to comfort her by saying she'll find another.

Live Action Tv
  • Appeared in the short-lived Brit Com The Big One in episode one when Sandy Toskvig's character, after having been dumped, keeps a scoreboard of cliche responses with marks for how many people have said which one.

  • Referenced in Polarboy's song "One Bad Date": "One, one one / wonder why I have none / of all the fishes in the sea / I can't find one."

Western Animation
  • In Rocko's Modern Life when Filbert believes he's lost Dr. Hutcherson to a male cat, Heffer tries to comfort him by telling there will be others, only for Filbert to retort that there will never be another woman for him.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Future-Drama" has a future Lisa assure Bart that he will fall in love with another woman. In the present, Professor Frink says that he will at age 83, and then he'll die one minute later.

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