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Baths are Fun

The work promotes that bathtime can be fun time.

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The water's just fine, everybody in the tub. / I love make waves... and watch the faucet run. / I love the way that I feel when I'm done. / There's nothing much better for good clean fun than rub-a-dub-dub, everybody in the tub. Rub-a-dub-dub, everybody in the tub!
"Everybody in the Tub" - Bear in the Big Blue House

A work promotes the idea that taking a bath can be fun. This is usually in shows, books or other works for very young children, though there's no law that says that it has to be. It may be because one of the characters on the show Hates Baths, or is simply a reluctant bather; in other cases, it may just be that they're trying to get in their daily Aesop.

This is a relatively new idea - there was a time when bathing was actually considered unsanitary or potentially dangerous for certain religious reasons. It only really came about when it was more universally recognized as healthy and parents needed ways to encourage reluctant kids to take their daily or nightly bath.

BTW, if you were thinking something dirty about the meaning of this trope, forget it. This is about characters having fun getting clean. It doesn't have anything to do with anything dirty, other than any mud or grit that might be removed.


Films - Animation
  • A Toy Story Pixar Short Partysaurus Rex, Bonnie of the third film takes Rex with her into the bathroom for her bath and they have a good time with her bath toys. After that, he gets left behind and ends up helping the other toys to have a party. An officially licensed clip can be found here.

  • In D.W.'s Guide to Perfect Manners (later retitled D.W. Says Please and Thank You for paperback), the title character is shown in the bath holding a toy mermaid in one hand, a rubber duck in the other, and splashing Mrs. Read and Pal. She states that at night, it's not nice to complain about taking a bath or brushing your teeth and you can play while you get clean, but sometimes she plays a little too hard.
  • In the original The Lord of the Rings novel, Bilbo and the hobbits sing a bath song after arriving at Frodo's new house in Buckland, Chapter 'A Conspiracy Unmasked'. "Sing hey! For the bath at close of day..."
  • This here gives a good list of some picture books about this topic, though not all of them specifically promote the aesop.

Live Action


Web Original
  • If you try searching something like "bath fun" or "tub fun" on YouTube, you'll find numerous videos of children having fun in the bath. Yes, this is legal.

Western Animation
  • The Playhouse Disney (later Disney Junior) series JoJo's Circus had a song called "Bathtime" (also released on one of the show's soundtrack albums) in which the star character and her pet lion Goliath sing about how much fun bathtime is.
  • Another Playhouse Disney show, PB&J Otter, had Peanut and Jelly in the bath singing about how fun it was. Then, however, their little sister Baby Butter didn't want to take a bath, so they had to find a creative way to make it fun for her.
  • Yet another Playhouse Disney show, Bear in the Big Blue House had a song called "Everybody in the Tub" in which all of the main characters sang about how great bathtime was.
  • Disney Junior also has an interstitial segment in which a woman sings about how much taking a bath is and Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast is shown encouraging Chip to take a bath. "Let's take a bath. A bubbly bubbly bath. Just get in, the water's fine, we'll splash and wash and have a good time... Getting clean is so much fun..."
  • In "The Old SwitcheRoo" on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Roo didn't want to have a bath and Tigger convinced him that baths were "the end." In the end, Kanga got them in the bath ("scrubbly bubbly") and Tigger realized the truth about baths. "You get, you get... you get clean." Roo declares that it's fun and Tigger admits that he was wrong, though he was right about one thing... it is... the end. (And the episode ends.)
  • Caillou had Caillou not liking baths in one episode, but then his Mom put some bubbles and bath toys in and made it fun. This was later memorialized in a song for one of the show's music albums.

Real Life
  • There is a thriving industry of bathtime-related products trying to convince you or your children of just this, and in many cases doing a very good job of it. In addition to the normal bubble bath, there are also things like Sesame Street bath fizzy colors and bath crayons.
  • This lists seven fun things that can be added to a child's bath.
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    • A Toy Story short shown with the re-released Finding Nemo had Molly taking Rex with her in the bath and afterwards him having a party with all the bath toys.
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