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Alice and Bob have decided to put off Their First Time (Which isn't necessarily the first time for either of them) until they get married. Maybe they believe in waiting until marriage. Maybe it's because they think it'll make their wedding night "extra special." Either way, they wait.

But once the vows are exchanged, they go from "celibate" to practically "anytime, anyplace." They can't get enough of each other, spending inordinate amounts of time in the bedroom (and other places) and are shown frequently shown as sneaking off for a quickie. Often lampshaded by other characters.

Usually used as a short-term Running Gag.


  • Nick and Ki from General Protection Fault
  • Tipper and Charles from Namir Deiter
  • Thelma and Keith from Good Times
  • There's a couple in National Lampoon's European Vacation that keeps showing up. The two are newlyweds and are seen engaged in heavy petting during every appearance.
  • Up to Eleven in the Gary Shandling vehicle What Planet Are You From?
  • The pilot episode of The Love Boat had this; all you saw of them was an occasional arm to get the room service. They had 4 or 5 "Do Not Disturb" signs on their door. Their only reason for existence, plot-wise, was that someone's luggage had been placed in their room.
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