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Diving Kick
A Falling kick from above
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This is a move that's seen often in Japanese media, from Tokusatsu series, to Wire Fu action movies, to Anime and Manga and Japanese Video Games. This is a move that where a character jumps really high up into the air, and dives down foot first from above, usually with the right foot out forward with the left leg curled up inwards to gain momentum.

Popularized in the famous Toku Satsu franchise Kamen Rider, and is popular enough to be a seen as a signature move of most of, if not all of the Riders seen throughout that franchise and the many instances if this type of attack as shown in other Japanese media is usually a Homage to this series.

One Variation is when two or more characters team up to make a more powerful version of the move.
Anime and Manga
  • Gunbuster and it's Sequel Diebuster popularized this trope in the Super Robot Genre, and Studio Gainax uses this in it's other projects often as well.

  • Fist of the North Star was one of the first manga to use this move and popularized it's usage in anime and manga in general, particularly with the clash between Kenshio and Shin using a upward version of the move on each other via Air Jousting.

  • Naruto has Might Guy do this as a part of his Dynamic Entry pose. His Protege Rock Lee does the same.

  • In Busou Renkin, Captain Bravo uses one of these against Moonface at one point. Moonface spots him ahead of time and jumps clear, resulting in Bravo smashing the power pole he was standing on.

  • In the Pokémon Anime, Jump Kick and High Jump Kick are portrayed this way.

Comic Book


Live-Action TV

Table Top Game

  • In BattleTech, 'Mechs with jumpjets can perform the so called "Death from above" maneuvre. The attacking 'Mech has to stand on a hill and in jumpjet range to it's target. It jumps high up and lands feet first on the enemy 'Mechs upper body, ideally destroying the cockpit in the process. Both 'Mechs will take damage and probably fall to the ground afterwards, but the attack can be devastating when done by heavy 'Mechs. The 90-ton Highlander even has legs specially designed and armored to maximize damage to the target and minimize damage to the legs caused by the maneuvre (called the "Highlander Burial" in this case).

Video Games
  • Used as the core motif of Divekick
  • Cammy from the Street Fighter franchise has her "Cannon Strike" special move, which launches herself downward at her opponent from mid-air.
    • There's actually quite a lot of examples worth mentioning from Street Fighter, but Cammy gets special mention because she can suddenly change her trajectory and propel herself in a different direction with a burst of speed with this move.
  • Viewtiful Joe: The Red Hot Kick. Sexy Silvia has the Cool Blue Kick and Captain Blue has the self naamed Captain Blue Kick.
  • Bayonetta, from the Same creators as Viewtiful Joe, has both an upward and downward motion of this move. It changes color depending on what leg weapons bayonetta has equipped
  • Jam Kurodaberi from Guilty Gear does an upward variation of the move.
  • Similarly in Persona 4 Arena, Chie Satonaka uses the move in an upwards motion.
  • Super Smash Bros.: Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick is this when used in midair.
  • in Asura's Wrath, Yasha does this on the Karma Fortresses Brahmastra cannon, which comes from the head, Which is Bigger then the MOON. He sucessfully kicks it hard enough on the cheek to dissapate and redirect the lasers course off the earth itself!

Real Life

  • The move itself is based on a real life martial arts Jump Kick move, albeit meant to be more exaggerated when in a fictional work.
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