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Depraved Heterosexual

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This character is a Ax-Crazy disturbed woman (who preys on men) or man (who preys on women). He or she may be a rapist or a Serial Killer. They may have murder tendencies that carry uncomfortable rape undertones or be an outright Complete Monster. Sometimes they may even go after a person of their own sex For the Evulz and then claim right after that they're completely heterosexual.


Live-Action TV
  • Charles Hoyt of Rizzoli & Islespreys on mostly woman, in particular Jane who he develops an obsession with. His sociopathic behavior has uncomfortable rape undertones to it.
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  • April 5, 2012
    Not seeing the trope here. Since most people are assumed to be heterosexual until proven otherwise, specifying that someone is depraved and heterosexual isn't particularly more informative than just saying they're depraved. We already have Serial Killer, Stalker With A Crush, and many others to describe depraved behavior in general.
  • April 6, 2012
    ^This. It looks like this trope's intended distinction is that the character habitually preys on attractive members of the opposite sex. But that sort of thing is, as commented, already covered in Serial Killer (hedonistic type) and Stalker With A Crush. I don't think this is significant enough to split from those.