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Abuse Is Okay If Its In Private
People only object to abuse that goes on in public.
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People have been raised with the belief that they should act with tact and decorum in public. This is, of course, all fine and true. However, some people assume that the censures surrounding rude behavior or even all-out abuse only exist in the public sphere. That's not fine, and that's this trope.

Suppose a Domestic Abuser is out and about with their Love Martyr boyfriend or girlfriend. They start behaving abusively, only for a bystander to express, to the abuser or someone else, some variety of these sentiments:

"It's not the time or place for that"

"They are really embarrassing themselves as a couple"

"If you're going to beat your spouse, do it at home."

The problem, of course, is the implication that there is a time and a place when abuse is acceptable. This trope could apply to bystander characters expressing such a sentiment, or, less frequently, a work that seems to believe the sentiment itself.

Compare and contrast Wife-Basher Basher, who is usually not motivated by this trope.


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