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Classical Music Is Cool

Bob discovers that rather than being stuffy, classical music rocks!

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Classical music has a reputation for being endless, boring, and stuffy. The Classical Music Is Cool trope challenges this by having a character who initially dislikes classical music become excitedly rapturous after actually listening to a symphony or opera.

Other times, this trope can be used in works where there are clashing "cultured" and "uncultured" groups who favor classical and popular (usually rock) music respectively. After both groups take the time to listen to the music they say they hate, both groups eventually agree that there's merit in both popular and classical music thereby leading to an Aesop about why it's good to keep an open mind on cultural matters.

In addition, this trope can be invoked to show hidden depths and/or sensitivity in a lower class/middle class male who seems loutish upon first glance.

Also see Orchestral Bombing and Rock Me, Amadeus!. The polar opposite of Classical Music Is Boring.


Newspaper Comics
  • In a Calvin and Hobbes strip, the 1812 Overture was being played and Hobbes pointed out to Calvin that those weren't drums in the symphony but cannons. Calvin's appreciation of the piece greatly increases with this revelation.

  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: After being in a music appreciation class that many use as a excuse to nap, Moze comes to appreciate Mozart's more bombastic and lively peices when they help her in a volleyball game.

Western Animation
  • Arthur. D.W. gets Yo Yo Ma to come to the library to play cello. Arthur and his friends are sure it's going to be boring. Francine has invited her uncle, jazz musician Joshua Redman, for the same day. The kids hope that the two will get into a fight. An Imagine Spot has them in a wrestling ring; Ma pulls out his cello and puts Redman to sleep. But on the day of the meeting it actually goes well, both get along and Redman expresses his enjoyment of classical music.

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    Western Animation
    • Arthur. Explored in, "My Music Rules," in which the Elwood City library wants to invite a musical guest to entertain the children; D.W. is set on tracking down the guy who wrote her favorite song, "Crazy Bus." While staying with Grandma Thora, D.W. reluctantly tags along with her to a Yo Yo Ma concert, thinking she's going to be bored out of her skull, but before Ma even finishes his first song, D.W. applauds him like crazy, and after his show, asks if he'll come to the library - an invitation of which he accepts.
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    "Asskicking music" is bad YMMV (in examples), and tropes are wrongfully claimed to subvert views (in description).

    And it isn't similar to Orchestral Bombing. Connection of the latter to "is cool" equals praising the use of Orchestral Bombing trope (because between the two, orchestral bombing is out of the universe). Tropes are supposed to be neither good nor bad.

    Not even one example is fitting. That's a problem. I haven't got the hang of navigating present tropes yet, but still, this reminds me of wider templates Taking First Steps or Tried And Liked It kind of thing. Apathetic, down-to-earth, skeptical, greenhorn, amnesiac (combinations are okay) person tries an occupation or recreation (from masonry to sex) and really likes it. Serves as a propaganda trope, popular as a background for team-game team-member characters of various importance. Or moe-establishing trope for slice-of-life, too. Ahh, I read too little books, looks like -_-'
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    May be considered cool because of some Rock Me Amadeus
  • May 2, 2014
    This would work better if it were designed as a trope about characters who expect classical music to be dull, and are surprised to find it's not. That would make it much less subjective, and more of a plot element than just an opinion; it's also what most of the examples actually demonstrate.
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    ^ Agree.
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    So who wanna grab this?
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