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Bowties Are Cool
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Certain items of clothing, in the real world, look ridiculous. Bow-Ties look fussy, old fashioned and slightly dorky, but not when worn by these guys. With these guys Bow-ties are awesome, Bowties Are Cool. They may also run a high chance of being Adorkable.

See also Real Men Wear Pink.


Anime and Manga
  • Ranma from Ranma 1/2 would occasionally wear a rather nice pastel orange shirt combined with a little red bow-tie



  • Hercule Poirot.

Live Action Television

Video Games

Web Original

Real Life
  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Chippendales. It's all they wear.
  • Howard Phillips was famous for his bowtie during his tenure as president of the Nintendo Fun Club. It even figured into some of the Howard & Nester comics in Nintendo Power.
  • Winston Churchill
  • Pascal Ory, a French political scholar, frequently appears in public wearing a bow tie made of transparent plastic.
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