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Why travel to attend a university when I can live with my parents for four more years?
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When a TV child graduates high school, they end up attending a local university and, usually, living at home with their parents, even though they could easily get into the university of their choice. Usually, there is an excuse given as to why this is the case. Of course, the real reason is to keep the character on the show.

  • ALF - when the daughter is about to graduate, the father takes her aside and tells her that they spent all of her college fund on feeding and hiding ALF, so she has to go to junior college and live at home.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 - everyone attends nearby California University, so nobody has to be written out of the show as attending somewhere else.
  • Kate & Allie - Allie's daughter attends Columbia, which is within taxi distance from where the show normally takes place.
  • The Cosby Show - Theo attends NYU and has to live at home when it turns out that, rather than mailing his housing application, he left it in his jacket pocket.

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