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Invisible Guns
A scene is made awkward or strange by editing something out.
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This is when an object (or, in rare cases, a character) is edited out of a scene, but because someone was originally interacting with the removed element, this may result in some awkwardness.


Anime and Manga
  • Likely the best known example is the infamous scene in the 4Kids Yu-Gi-Oh! dub where two of Pegasus' Mooks confront Kaiba and point their fingers at him when they were originally pointing guns.
  • In the Digimon episode "Etemon's Comeback Tour" there's a part where T.K. seemingly needlessly hops over to Puppetmon. In the original he was jumping over holes made by Puppetmon's gun.
  • In the Cowboy Bebop episode "Waltz for Venus" Faye barged in on a gay couple to question one of them. When this aired on Toonami they airbrushed out the guy she wasn't talking to, but he still spoke.

  • In Cats & Dogs, there is a scene where the mother has her arms and hands in an awkward position because originally she was holding a dog toy with both hands, but because this scene was moved to another part of the film it didn't make sense for her to be holding it, so they digitally removed it.
  • In the UK cut of Lilo & Stitch, instead of Lilo hiding in a dryer, she hides in some kind of weird table thing with a pizza box in the place of the door. Not only does the pizza box still make the same sound, but a later scene shows the dryer.
  • The "Pastoral Symphony" segment of Fantasia originally had a black centaurette acting as servant to the other centaurettes. For the most recent version, most of the shots including her were cropped, but one shot had her rolling a red carpet for Bacchus, and for that shot she was digitally erased so that the carpet is seen rolling by itself.

Live-Action TV
  • Used in The IT Crowd when Roy edits his ex-girlfriend out of a bunch of photo's, so it's just him riding a two person bike or sharing an ice cream with thin air, etc.

Web Original
  • The Trope Namer is Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, which of course mocks and lampshades this in every scene where it comes up.
    (At the end of one episode, when Bakura has used his magical powers to tie up two of Pegasus' mooks)
    Mook 1: I told you we should have used the visible guns! But no, you wanted to use the invisible guns because "they're magical!"
    Mook 1: Shut up, Greg! Just shut up!
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