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He's getting ready to say it... every body ready? All together now!
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Often times in fiction, a certain character develops a Catch Phrase, or a Verbal Tic, that becomes so commonplace within the work, that down the road, whenever said character is about to deliver his/her familiar line, another character - or characters - or even the audience (depending on the work), will chime in and echo that character's lines.

In Real Life, if the work is shot before a studio audience, the audience chime-in is usually done out of enjoyment and pleasure of being familiar with the character's Catch Phrase or Verbal Tic; in-universe, however, the chime-in is often done by the annoyance of the other characters, usually in an attempt to get the message across to the speaker that they get the point already, or they know the speaker is going to say the line because he/she always says it (occasionally, another character will suggest the speaker save themselves the trouble by putting their line on a tape recorder, or a record).

Generally, the chime-in is initially is a Throw It In, or Played for Laughs, however, more often than not, it doesn't last very long within the work - in Real Life (audience chime-ins) or in-universe - to avoid it becoming just as formulaic as the characters' lines themselves may have already become.


  • Cool Hand Luke:
    Carr: These here spoons, you keep with ya. Any man loses his spoon spends a night in the box. No one will sit in the bunks with dirty pants on. Any man with dirty pants on sittin' on the bunks spends a night in the box. Any man loud-talkin' spends a night in the box. You got questions, you come to me. I'm Carr, the floor-walker. I'm responsible for order in here. Any man don't keep order spends a night in --
    Luke: -- the box.
    Carr: [to Luke] I hope you ain't gonna be a hard case.
  • In Galaxy Quest, one of the actors has a catch phrase: "By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged." He hates this line, but his fans love it and recite it en masse when a film clip of the actor saying the line is played at a sci-fi convention.
  • In Last Action Hero, Danny makes a big deal about the fact he knows Jack Slater's Catch Phrase ("big mistake"); it's one of his many (less-than-successful) attempts to convince Slater that he's trapped in movie land.
  • Toy Story 3: Averted and parodied from Cool Hand Luke. After Buzz is restored to his original factory settings, and throws his friends into a makeshift prison, he goes into a Barney Fife-esque lecture, continually stating if they break the rules, they will, "Spend the night... in the box"; after which, before he repeats another time, Jessie cuts him off with, "Yeah, yeah, 'in the box', we get it."
Live Action TV
  • Action League, Now!!: Averted. Bill the Lab Guy's repeated catchphrase, "There's nothing I can do" became so familiar in any given situation, at one point, before he can even say it, Chief cuts him off and asks, "Let me guess... there's nothing you can do..."
  • All That Amanda Bynes's popular recurring sketch, "Ask Ashley" would alway open with Ashley sitting on her bed, and proudly proclaiming, "Thaaaaat's meeeee!" every time the announcer would introduce her; after a while, the audience began chiming in with her signature, "Thaaaat's meeee!"
  • The Andy Griffith Show: On occasion, whenever Barney is on the phone with Juanita at the diner, either reciting his poetry, or little love song to her, Andy will sneak in, waiting for the perfect opportune moment to join in and either reciting, or sing along with Barney, much to Barney's aggrivation.
  • Dinosaurs: In the TV show "Ask Mr. Lizard" (a parody of the old "Ask Mr. Wizard" show) Mr. Lizard's experiments always kills Timmy, the young male dino who is his helper of the day. Baby and Earl Sinclair watch giggling in anticipation of Mr. Lizard's unintended Catch Phrase, calling offstage to the producers: "We're going to need another Timmy!"
  • In an episode of Hogan's Heroes, Schultz repeated preaches to the prisoners, "Clean up the barracks! Clean up the compound! And clean up yourselves!" The prisoners chime in the last time he repeats, then, give it to him straight as he exits the scene.
  • Kenan & Kel: Kel always kicked off the episode's main storyline with his catchphrase, "Awwwww, here it goes!" For a short time during the show's run, the audience would begin chiming in with him, though it didn't last very long.
  • Miranda: At least once, when Penny is about to say "such fun!", the other characters chimed in at the same time.
  • The Muppet Musicians Of Bremen: When Leroy the Donkey and T.R. Rooster first encounter Rover Joe, the hound keeps peppering his backstory with, "I'm olllld... I'm beeaat uuuup... I'm woooorn awaaay..." to the point that T.R. eventually started chiming in with the same thing.
  • On So You Think You Can Dance, when Cat Deeley introduces the judges, she says, "Here are your...", and everybody in the audience yells out "Judges!" (or, in some cases, "Jidges!", referencing how Cat occasionally pronounces it).
  • Wimzie's House: As the theme song suggests, "Horace always has a question to ask", and practically Once an Episode, if some thing confuses him, or he doesn't understand some thing, he'll speak up with, "Uh, question...", and proceeds to ask the obvious questions. After doing this for so long, any time the other kids hear Horace say, "Question?", they would chime in with the exact question he asks, word-for-word.
Professional Wrestling
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: "...and that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Said So!"
  • D-Generation X: "If you're not down with that, we got Two Words for ya! SUCK IT!"
  • The Rock had several.
    • "Finally, the Rock has come back to [name of town]!"
    • "...the millions...crowd: and millions!...of the Rock's fans."
      • Parodied by Mankind with the "dozens and dozens of Mankind fans."
    • Lampshaded during one of his heel phases: 'This ain't "Sing Along With the Rock!'"
Western Animation
  • Darkwing Duck: Negaduck, after capturing Darkwing and all his allies, confined each of them in a different torture device that would be activated "when I throw...'The Switch!' " He uttered a variation on this phrase (always with a dramatic pause) several times, until his captives finally interrupted him with an exasperated "We know, we know - 'The Switch!' "
  • On Duckman, after the first time King Chicken explained why he wanted to take over the world and get rid of Duckman, whenever he was about to explain it, others would do it for him, right down to ending with, "Ha Ha Ha, Buk, Buk."
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle: Any time Boris enters a scene in his many paper-thin disguises, Rocky always says, "That voice... where have I heard that voice..." Finally, in one episode, all of the characters in the scene, including Narrator, chime in with the same line as Rocky says it again.
  • The Simpsons:
    Ned: Can you believe it? It almost seems like those folks were ... were making fun of ol' steady Neddy!
    Maude: Well, you may be a bit cautious. What's wrong with that? Some people like chunky peanut butter, some like smooth!
    Ned: Mmm-hmm, and some people just steer clear of that whole hornet's nest! I'll stick with just plain white bread, thank you very much, maybe with a ...
    Maude, Rod & Todd: "... glass of water on the side for dippin'!"
    Ned: Gosh darn it! Am I that pre-diddly-ictable? sigh I've wasted my whole dang-diddly life.
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