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moderator last word power
this when forum moderator try and have the last word with people after banning them so they can't reply
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Occasionally as a result of out & out trolling or just being inconsiderate and/or stupid a forum user will break the rules of said forum and they rightly get banned or suspended. Now ideally a good moderator will send them a personal message explaining that their “entailed to believe whatever they want but that they can’t in good continence let them….blah blah blah and that that’s why they been banned” trying to keep the entire thing impersonal and impartial. A not so good and ethical moderator will reply in the offensive thread and take the opportunity have some kind of last word on issue in a situation where the user or in some cases no one (if the thread is locked) can contradict them, or too just insult the now blocked user well they can not defend them self

Good moderator: "I'm sorry, but if you're going to be like this I can't let you stay on this site"

Bad moderator: "Havant you learned your ******* lesson yet you retard toddler? Of-course “insert show name here” isn’t communist propaganda"

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