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The Beast
The mysterious (usually faceless) monster that makes infrequent appearances throughout the story
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The Beast is a sort of mysterious frightful thing added to a story. What separates this from a horror movie monster, however, is that The Beast is not usually the only focus of the plot. It will almost always have an important place (and by the end it may reveal itself to be one of the most important things in the story) but most of the time, until then, it occupies strictly subplot territory. What The Beast is, exactly, is never known until the end. It might actually be a monster. Alternatively, it could be a person in a costume, or maybe not even real at all (such as the Trope-namer, from Lord of the Flies). Note that The Beast does not even have to be something malevolent, but it must appear to be, in the beginning, because fear is a very important part of this trope.
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