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Smoke Power
A creature has smoke-based abilities
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Elemental Powers. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Smoke....Smoke? An unusual elemental and an example of Applied Phlebotinum, Smoke can be use for everything from grabbing, suffocating, hitting, to creating a simple smoke screen. Can have some properties of fire if the smoke is actually a type of hot ash or is combustible.

Super Trope of Super Smoke.


Anime and Manga
  • Commodore Smoker has this as his primary gimmick in One Piece.
  • Matsumoto from Bleach uses this as her zanpaktou.

Comic Books

  • China Miéville:
    • Iron Council has a Smoke Golem ("A smoke golem, a gas golem, a golem of particles and poisoned air."). It attacks a bounty hunter and suffocates him to death.
    • In Un Lun Dun, the Big Bad is intelligent smog which has escaped from London.
  • In Alan Garner's fantasy novel The Moon of Gomrath, an ancient Celtic spirit of evil, the Brollochan, is released to possess the heroine, Susan. The creature takes the form of a black smokey cloud with two glowing red eyes.
  • Terry Pratchett adapts this concept in the Discworld, in A Hat Full Of Sky, where the Hiver is the Brollochan's Discworld form - a dark smokey cloud of malevolence.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The original 1st Edition Fiend Folio had the Smoke Mephit. It had a breath weapon, a sooty ball of smoke that inflicted minor damage and caused blindness for a couple of combat rounds.
    • The 1st Edition Manual of the Planes (1987) mentioned the Para-Elemental plane of Smoke. It had para-elemental monsters made of smoke. They looked misty or sooty, like air elementals mixed with dust.
    • The paraelemental plane of smoke also appears in the 2nd edition D&D setting Planescape.

Video Games
  • This was Smoke from Mortal Kombat's main ability before he was converted into a cyborg, although it seems limited to producing a small cloud of it around himself. After being further "upgraded" by Noob Saidbot he seems to have become literally made of smoke.

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