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Heavenly Blue
Blue as a mark of divine.
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The heavens are blue. Therefore, heavenly beings, whether gods or angels or saints, use blue -- usually sky blue -- to show their relationship, as do beings associated with them. Much more likely to be Good than Evil. May be used only as accent in Gold and White Are Divine.

Often a major color in Fluffy Cloud Heaven.

Compare Purple Is Powerful.


Anime and Manga Literature
  • Anything associated with the side of good in the Belgariad, including the god Aldur, his various disciples, and the all-powerfull Orb. They prefer blue in their clothing, tend to have blue eyes, and occasionally glow in that color as well.
  • In Lisa Shearin's All Spell Breaks Out, The Paladin Mychael uses attacks that have blue side-effects.

Live-Action TV
  • In Charmed, Whitelighters (the guardian angels of good witches) and Elders (the Whitelighters bosses) have a teleporting ability called orbing. This is usually accomapanied by them disappearing and reappearing in a burst of blue and white light.
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary is generally depicted, iconographically, in blue, which may be the source of True Blue Femininity.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil. When the PCs encounter the Lens of Transformation, it shows them two angelic beings amid golden clouds and with a pale blue sky behind them.

Video Games
  • Most of the priests and nuns in the Dragon Quest games wear blue.
  • Flonne in Disgaea wears white and blue, as she's an angel. When she's reincarnated as a demon, she wears white and red instead.

Web Comics
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