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Walking Back Scare

Two characters walk backwards until backing up into each other, giving them a big scare.

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One character has been scared by a cat while the other has been scared by a ghost or something. Because of this, both characters start backing up fearfully, not realizing that they are backing up towards each other, until bumping into each other, giving both characters a great scare.

Expect to see this trope show up in either Comedy or Horror.

Compare: Cat Scare, Wild Take, Surprise Jump, Jump Scare.

Compare/Contrast: Walking Backwards


Animated Films
  • In Samson and Sally, after the title characters have been frightened by a bunch of scary creatures while trapped inside a sunken ship, they then start backing up until inadvertently running into each other from behind.
  • Not seen in the actual movie, but on the DVD menu of Toy Story 3, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head both do this until they back up into each other, sending them running.

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