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You Can Take Your Hat Off
A stereotype for a group is introduced but immediately subverted by all the main characters of that group
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So you have a Proud Warrior Race introduced in a video game. Only the only recruitable character is a philosophical priest and the warrior race chief giving you quests is an Actual Pacifist trying to keep his people out of war. Or you read about a race of homely Hobbits who would never venture out past the local grocery in a book, only to follow adventures of those going out.

Basically, this trope is when a new race/people/group is introduced, where every member apparently wears a hat, but in an immediate Stereotype Flip before the stereotype even really settled in many to all the major characters do not act according to that hat, often being a case of My Species Doth Protest Too Much. Background and flavor characters will still exist to show the hat but the important ones won't wear it.

  • The Hobbits of The Lord of the Rings are said to be stay-at-home people without any interest in adventuring, yet the five main hobbits we meet (Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin) are all going out on an adventure (even if somewhat coerced in Bilbo's and Frodo's case).
  • The krogan from Mass Effect are a Proud Warrior Race with no interest in anything aside from fighting, yet (apart from Grunt and Wreav, although the former is more complex) all the major individuals are way more peaceful and reflective (Wrex, while not above enjoying a good fight now and then, strives to lead his species to peace, Okeer is a scientist, and female krogan Eve is perhaps the wisest and smartest of the bunch). Similarly, the turians are described as overly disciplined warriors, whereas party member Garrus Vakarian is roguish, wisecracking, and friendly.
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