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Expanding the Five Man Band for your sanity and mine
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Based on This conversation in the Trope Repair Shop about the Five-Man Band.

The Five Man Band formula has slowly gone out of style as time has gone on, people have been finding different ways to mix and match the formula while still keeping the similar structure.

Potentially [Red Oni, Blue Oni + (Brains and Brawn or 2nd Foil) + The Chick/ The Kirk /The Heart = Power Trio] = This Trope.

The new Formula has been found to be an expanded version of the Power Trio which consists of two opposing sides and a mediator in the middle. The Team Of Five consists of two pairs of opposition and one center/mediator, a less specific Five-Man Band as it were. All of the regular additions to the formula still apply such as The Sixth Ranger who usually becomes a second mediator or another opposing force to any other of the other pairs.

This is now a super trope about teams of five that are too general to fit the Five-Man Band mold and the following are sub-tropes to be created soon.

It can work in a variety of ways:

This is the super trope where all those forced and shoehorned and confusing Five-Man Band examples go.


Type 1

  • Harry Potter: The Golden Trio of Harry, Hermione and Luna and Ginny as foils. That's a Type I
  • Wheel of Time: Mostly in the first book, another Type One. The Three Ta'veren: Rand, Perrin and Mat, plus the female foils Egwene and Nynaeve.
  • Cowboy Bebop another type I, Spike-Jet-Faye is the Power Trio, and Ein and Ed are foils.
  • Hellsing might be a type I: Alucard and Walter as one group, Seras and Pip in the other group, and Integra is the fifth member, often a mediator.

  • Sucker Punch: Rocket, Sweat Pea and Babydoll being the obvious power trio, and the remaining two as a set of foils.

  • Avatar the Last Airbender, becomes an example of this. The original three stay in their roles but Toph and Zuko become just as important to the group. They're the foils: Calm/angry, solid stone/empheral fire, short/tall. They both have eye issues and contrasting relations with Iroh.

  • Final Fantasy X, the original five people that leave Besaid are an example. Wakka is the talkative optimist, Lulu is the less talkative cynist, Yuna mediates and holds them together, Tidus and Kilmarhi are the foils. cheerful/stoic. human/Ronso, sword/spear. All of them are equally important, though the foils tend to have private problems.

  • Tsubasa Resevor Chronicle: Kurogane and Fai are the foils. They contrast each other and interact with each other far more often then the trio: Sakura Syaoran and Mokona. Sakura is happy and helps people, Syaoran is focused on his goal largely to the exclusion of other things, Mokona directs the group.

Type 2

  • InuYasha another Type II, one group is Inuyasha and Kagome, another is Miroku and Sango, and then Shippo is the fifth member.
  • Zerono Tsukaima is a type II or type I depending on the episode. Type II it's Louise and Saito is one group, Kirche and Tabitha, and Guiche is the fifth. Type I it's Louise Saito and Henrietta/Siesta, as the group of three and Kirche and Tabitha as foils.
  • Gundam Wing, the Gundam pilots are a Type II: Heero and Duo are one set, Trowa and Quatre are another set and Wufei is the fifth member.

  • Teen Titans is a good example of Type 2. While people have been running in circles trying to Five-Man Band them, they fit in this broader trope becuase the team dynamic tends to be Starfire (super emotional optimist) is opposite to Raven (emotionless cynic). Beast Boy (funny coward who acts smart but isn't) is opposite to Cyborg (aggressive offensive fighter who acts dumb but is really smart). Robin is the center between the four personalities.

  • (Maybe) The main girls from Sucker Punch didn't Five-Man Band out so well but iron out a lot better as a Type II, I think: Sweet Pea and Rocket are a set of foils (disillusionment and loyalty/protectiveness against optimism and the desire to run away, with or without her sister), Amber and Blondie (fear and willingness to risk all for the Nakama in spite of it versus the flirty, outgoing one who became the Sixth Ranger Traitor), with Babydoll as the fulcrum (she brings the quest, leads the team, kicks the most butt, and is the only one who is untouched by the system's real abuses).

  • Dead Like Me: George and Mason are foils. Lethargic/energetic. Rational/quirky Daisy and Roxy are foils. Girly/doesn't care about apperance. Bitchy/badass Rube, their boss, has to mediate.

Type 3

  • Newsflesh seems to be the Type 3 -- intersecting power trios.
    • Feed: Shaun/Georgia/Buffy, then Shaun/Georgia/Rick, then Shaun/Georgia/Steve
    • Deadline: Shaun/Becks/Alaric, then Shaun/Becks/Mahir
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