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Climactic Volcano Backdrop
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Well, it sure LOOKS like something I'm supposed to care about is happening...

The climax is supposed to be the coolest part of the whole story. And since Everything's Cooler With Lava, it's a good bet that there is going to be a volcano involved. What better way to portray the tortured, desperate emotions of the characters then to juxtapose them with scenery that could have come straight out of a Fire and Brimstone Hell?

May be some overlap with Battle Amongst the Flames, Lethal Lava Land and Everything's Cooler With Lava. Related to Incendiary Exponent and Chekhov's Volcano.

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Anime And Manga
  • At the climax of the second season of Dragon Ball Z when Goku is fighting Freezia and the planet Namek is collapsing, lava geysers go off behind them.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann. The battle of the Dai-Gunten of Gurren Lagann fame took place with a background of erupting Volcanes. Also, from the movie Lagann-Hen, they manage to somehow, through sheer-hot-bloodedness, summon a galaxy-sized volcano InSpace


Video Games
  • In the sidescrolling Mario games, Bowser's castles almost always featured lava.
  • In the fire temple in Ocarina of Time you fight on top of a pillar jutting out over a huge lava pit and Ganon's castle is floating above a huge lava pit.
    • Ocarina of Time the "fire temple" earlier in the game takes place in an active volcano, has a lot of lava, and involves various enemies that use fire as a weapon. However it's not the climax of the game, it's the second of 5 "temple" type dungeons you're supposed to traverse before the final stage of the game. In the climax of the game it appears to be averted when you climb the stairs to fight Ganondorf, who uses electric attacks to fight you; however, after you "defeat" him, he uses his "last breath" to make the castle collapse, and some of the rooms Link goes through in the escape end up partially on fire during the collapse... also, after the collapse it turns out that you have to fight Ganondorf again, in a different form called "Ganon" and when you do, the "island in the sky" you're fighting on is walled by fire in all directions, playing the trope straight.
  • The final missions of Guild Wars Prophecies take place in a volcanic area.
  • The final battle with Wesker in Resident Evil 5 is in an active volcano.

Western Animation
  • A lot of season 3 took place in the Fire Nation and there were at least two active-volcano episodes. "The Boiling Rock" and "The Eclipse" each had volcanic elements. And "The Fortuneteller" from season 1 had a volcano erupt in the Earth Kingdom.

Tabletop RPG
  • Champions adventure "Nova" in Adventurers Club magazine #4. The adventure takes place in a crater in a volcanically active part of Iceland. At some point during the final conflict a nearby volcano may erupt, covering the area in lava.
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