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All Men Want Virtuous Women
Men prefer morally virtuous women.
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This is the Spear Counterpart to Single Woman Seeks Good Man and the more or less adult version of All Guys Want Cheerleaders and All Guys Want Sorority Women.

When it comes to purely sexual attraction, guys prefer hot and sexy women with a certain raunchiness to them. Just like girls turned-on by bad boys.

But when it comes to potential wife material, most men agree on preferring a woman who is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, the "wife"-type in The Three Faces of Eve and Betty of Betty and Veronica. Which is why men looking for a serious relationships believe in My Girl Is Not a Slut and favour girls who would say "I Will Wait for You".

Usually, the guy with this mindset, not unlike his female counterpart, has already had one or several unsatisfying relationships which were more based on the physical level, and is now a mature man (more often than not in his 30's) who wants to settle down and raise a family. But you can't raise a family with a vapid skank with no brains, unless said vapid skank is meant to die at one point. So it only comes naturally that such men prefer women who they can actually rely on to raise their kids and be a good mother.

Alternatively, if the family isn't part of the equation, maybe the guy is tired of dating villainesses and would now rather have a relationship with a girl whose morality he may not have to worry about. Or he actually like his villainess girlfriend, but would rather have her clean her act before going anywhere serious.

More rarely a First Love but it can happen, double points if the girl is a virgin.

Important note: Guys who court women only for their beauty don't apply here. They only apply if they choose the girl also because her personality attracts them and if they actually want to commit in a way or another. If they go after her because she's beautiful but nothing else or just for a nooky session, it's not this trope.

Sister Trope to My Girl Is Not a Slut.

Contrast Dating Catwoman. Compare All Girls Want Bad Boys and Single Woman Seeks Good Man.


Anime & Manga

  • Yusuke is in love with Keiko in YuYu Hakusho for her virtues. Kuwabara is also attracted to Yukina for the same reasons.
  • Even though a pervert, Onizuka-sensei clearly prefers good girls as shown with his relationship with Azusa.
  • Speed Grapher: Tatsumi is after Kagura for how pure and angelic she looks and behaves.
  • In Maison Ikkoku, Godai is attracted to Kyoko for her beauty but also for her Yamato Nadeshiko qualities.
  • In Berserk, Guts is after Casca not only because of how much of a Hot Amazon she is, but also for her loyalty and her self-reliance.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Kamina and Kittan sure are attracted to Yoko because she's hot but also because she has enough spunk and courage to stand toe-to-toe against much tougher enemies. Not to mention her usually considerate self.
  • In X1999, it is subverted with Sorata and Arashi because Sorata mostly insists on how beautiful Arashi is, despite her moral righteousness. But it's played straight otherwise between Kusanagi and Yuzuriha.
  • In Dragon Ball Z, although not a very nice person, Vegeta settled down with the intelligent, considerate and reliable Bulma.
  • In Fistof The North Star, Ken, Shin and Raoh are after Yuria for her kindness and gentleness. Same can be said about Rei and Mamiya, even though he did find her beautiful before anything else.


  • All over the place in Marvel comics, especially among the X-Men:
    • Scott Summers chose Jean Grey for her heroic capacities.
    • Gambit has a thing for Rogue because of her frisk personality but also because of her kindness.
    • Elixir and Wither fought over Wallflower because of how gentle and kind she is.
    • Black Panther and Storm got married because the Black Panther appreciated the stern, reasonable, queen-like demeanour of Storm.
  • In Watchmen, both Dr Manhattan and The Owl courted the Silk Spectre for her beauty but also for her motherly and straightforward persona.



  • Hearts in Atlantis revolves around this, among other things.
  • Kiku in Coin Locker Babies is all about this trope in his relationship with Niva.


  • In Classic Mythology, the myth of Eros and Psyche is also about this.
    • Odysseus is also about this, which is why he married Penelope.

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