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Crashing Through The Harem
Crashed right into a room full of beauties. Hilarity Ensues.
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For whatever reason, our young male protagonist is in the middle of a chase scene or bar brawl and crashes straight into a room full of beautiful young women. Depending on the setting, this could be an Arabian Nights harem, a bordello, or a girl's locker room, but it will be a private place with several young women, usually in some state of undress. Expect there to be lots of silk and maybe a bath or shower. They may act offended or they giggle and maybe flirt with the hero... until their dour chaperone shoves the hero back into the fray.

May overlap with Distracted by the Sexy and/or Accidental Pervert


  • In an One Piece filler episode set in ancient Japan, Zoro (a wandering monk) at one point crash in a room full of female characters. One of them kicks him out of there.

Comic Book
  • The Boys: Wee Hughie and Vas "Love Sausage" are running after the mooks, a chase that leads them through a strip club. As Vas is in his spandex superhero outfit, he is stopped dead in his tracks. "Big titties are my kryptonite" indeed.
  • In the first issue of the 1996 series of Teen Titans, Cody seeks into the Cheyenne Mountain base on a dare. Spotted by guards, he runs away and ends up running into a women's locker room which is full of young women in various states of undress. He stops and stares at them, assuming that he has run on to a holo-deck. One of the women then kicks him to the ground.
  • Cattivik has this happen to him a couple of times, and both times gets savagely beaten for his trouble.

  • Aladdin: This happens to the title character while he's escaping the guards (after stealing a loaf of bread) and singing "One Jump Ahead".
  • Dashtan in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time during the fight scene after his father's funeral.
  • In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the duo gets knocked through the wall of an Old West tavern...and into the backroom where the Soiled Doves are prancing around in their under things. Billy the Kid yanks them away while they're still enjoying the view.
  • In the Road to ... to Morocco. Hope and Crosby try to hide from the evil Kasim by hiding in a harem. Unfortunately they get found out.
  • The Blues Brothers: The brothers sneak through a Ladies room's window to get into the Palace Hotel Ballroom for their gig.
  • Under The Rainbow (a film starring Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher about the making of The Wizard of Oz): A Chase Scene goes through a women's dressing room, providing opportunity for some Fanservice. One of the little people sticks around rather than continuing the chase.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail has two related examples.
    • Sir Galahad fights his way through a forest in a storm until he finds Castle Anthrax, which has a Grail-shaped beacon overhead. He bangs on the door, and when it opens he falls inside. He meets several young women, one of whom tells him that the castle contains eight score young blondes and brunettes, all between 16 and 19-and-a-half. As Sir Galahad escapes from two naughty female doctors, he enters a room filled with the aforementioned eight score young women. Eventually he decides to stay when the other knights "rescue" him and get him to continue the Grail quest. He then proceeds to call them gay.
  • In the film ''1001 Arabian Nights'', Mister Magoo thinks he's walked into the Sultan's harem, but in reality he just spooked a couple of peacocks.
  • This happens in The Scorpion King movie. Unlike other examples, one of the girls tries to steal the protagonist's weapons away while he's not looking.

  • Played straight and subverted a few times in the Gor novels. The harem girls are usually slaves, and although a master may be possessive of his possessions, it's generally acknowledged that any free man can use a slave for his pleasure at any time her master isn't putting her to use (in either a sexual or non-sexual way).

Video Game
  • In God of War II, your escape from the Colossus of Rhodes's rampage takes you crashing through the ceiling of a bathhouse where two women wait in a state of undress. You can stop and have sex with them by hitting the action button!

Western Animation
  • Happens in the Bugs Bunny episode "A-Lad-In His Lamp".
    Bugs: (Rushes into a room, screams are heard, he rushes out and closes the door) Err, um... a Hare-em, I think.
    Genie: (opens the door and looks in, to more screams) Oh, that was a harem all right. I know a harem when I see one.
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