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There Will Be Lots of People In The Future
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(Do we already have this one? I can't find it anywhere.)

It's the future- either the close or distant future. You have the ray guns, the jet packs, and the spaceships. But you need a way of making things seem more 'real', more grounded in reality. How?

Up the population by a few billion, that's how. The human population is currently at almost seven billion, and it's showing no signs of slowing. Barring an major disaster, it's likely that the human population will continue to grow.

The numbers of people will often vary, depending on how far in the future it is. In Twenty Minutes into the Future settings, it's often between ten and twenty billion; if it's a few hundred years, expect tens or even hundreds of billions; if thousands, it's often trillions, maybe even quadrillions.

How such a large population is sustained is rarely brought up, though there's sometimes an in-show justification (often involving colonising other planets).

Needs More Examples.
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